Monthly Archives: September 2010

Live Painting from Tokyo

Words and pictures come in from the East as John Warwicker returns to Tokyo for the +81 Graphic Passport Event last week and another live painting event. Live Painting for +81 Graphic Passport, Chiyoda 3331, Tokyo Painted over 2 days… continue reading »

We’re developing journeys across cities

“We’re developing journeys across cities. It does fascinate me: maps and keys and clues. It’s about leaving clues.” One of our favourite websites – the ever-brilliant The Quietus – has a fantastic piece on Underworld and how to channel the sounds of… continue reading »


Watch the video album

It’s all still going on…..

Karl Hyde may be back in the UK with his hands scrubbed of paint but the exhibition is still going strong. Catch it while you can, details here