Monthly Archives: January 2012

Tuesday 31st January

CAFE AT THE BUS STOP: You’re sunlight falling on a melancholy boy. Killing time discreetly, drinking water ’cause it’s free at a table in the corner. Hidden from the faces on the buses pulling up & peering in through the… continue reading »

Monday 30th January

WHAT’S THAT SOUND?: A woman’s voice sings like a cartoon Siren of the Rocks, a Spaghetti Western of boarder line Cheese. In the room where all the smart phones sunbath between languid coffees she said, “Honey, You’re my cinnamon snow”… continue reading »

Sunday 29th January

MULTI-STORY CARPARK: The violence makes it rain outside the public baths where tourists photograph each other in the shadow of a crane building student accommodation. They come here for the education & clandestine rendezvous with smoking boys & girls hiding… continue reading »

Saturday 28th January

ROOM FOR SILENCE: Outside the Rice House in the sun there’s a woman pushing babies ‘cross the road like it’s a car-free Zone. All the taxi drivers shout abuse & she’s yells, “Yeah mate & the same to you!” The… continue reading »

Friday 27th January

IN THE STICKS: This town is asleep, though it’s roofs glisten like the backs of whales coming up for air. Vending machines relax in alleys without fear & all the dirt is clean, exactly where it’s meant to be. Time,… continue reading »

Thursday 26th January

PUT THE KETTLE ON: The mad & the damned gathered with the crazy & the misfits in the garish light  of anonymous rooms, sipping crude tea from polystyrene cups & laughing.  Laughter knocked them over like skittles, lifted them up like they were … continue reading »

Wednesday 25th January

SLEEPING DRIVERS: Awake since 4:00am – who left the lid off the box of frogs? But, hey, it’s another beautiful unexpected light that rises over the rim of the world. Not Summer, Spring, Winter or Autumn exactly, but something more… continue reading »

Tuesday 24th January

DAY DOH!: A day of rain made more beautiful by a headful of Hockney, de Kooning & Rachmaninoff – watching Kingfishers Catching Fire between naked twigs. (K)

ArtJam – Makuhari Messe, Tokyo 2007

In  2007 Underworld created ‘The Oblivion Ball’ at the Makuhari Messe – a mini festival of music, art and cinema – during which, a live painting performance took place. Over 16 hours 50 x 10 metres of wall were covered… continue reading »

Monday 23rd January

FRIENDLY FEARS: “It’s quite tight round yours” – she said, “especially dustbin day” “I need to start driving again” – the other replied in a voice that betrayed her timid fear. “It’s ’cause I never did for so long” “It… continue reading »

Sunday 22nd January

CLOUDY: Do you connect to the cloud? Yes – it’s in my head…he he he! (K)

Saturday 21st January

I LOVE THIS TOWN: This music came to mind on waking, underscoring images of walking in the streets between sunrise & the first rush to market. Photographing patterns in the falling of polystyrene cups blown across pavements in the patient march of violent erosion. I… continue reading »

Friday 20th January

BEFORE THE SUN: Strange how since the passing of the shortest day it’s got darker in the morning. Waking in what looks like the middle of the night evoking memories of heading out with dad before sunrise when he drove… continue reading »

Thursday 19th January

WORLD OF SCRIBBLE: Draw a picture – design a Super Hero or Villain. What special powers would they possess & why? (K)

Wednesday 18th January

NURAL PATHWAYS: There have been a few glitches in the diary of late – bugs living in the attic of love. Some links got lost out in the great electric desert & no human hand was to blame – shame,… continue reading »

Tuesday 17th January

LITTLE BO: At the end of North Street precinct an underpass runs beneath the ring road. Looking down we may discover White Lightning standing proud in the dry bed of liquid lake,whilst between us & the black top above a… continue reading »

Monday 16th January

PINK ANGEL At Angel  with a white cross sat on stone, framed in spittle & excrement of birds. The market traders set their spartan bric-a-brac on flimsy trestles, air perfumed by all-day-breakfast. Conversation not yet public nor sweetened for the passing… continue reading »

Sunday 15th January

WHERE DO YOU WORK?” A night of sleepless fears & violent nightmares follows a beautiful day – ain’t it often the way? It’s a question of balance & with sunlight sending shadows long & black, who am I to argue… continue reading »

Saturday 14th January

DISTANT LANDS: Here he comes with a swagger. Drinking Red Bull in an addi trackie. Yeah, I been back to Romford for a day. (K)

Friday 13th January

CHOOSING A ROAD: Saw your bedroom in passing from the hole underground to the home of the heroes. Saw blue lights flashing, your car on it’s roof in a ditch at 1:00am. (K)

Thursday 12th January

ABOUT THE MAY KING: The day that started early, suddenly got late. Immersed in vibrant conversation, at the centre of a hive of industry. Software updating, machinery tweaking, no making or writing or painting, but tools returned to the sharpener… continue reading »

Wednesday 11th January

GONE: Gone to talk to Germany: Gone to talk to London: Gone to talk to Writers: Gone to talk to Directors: Gone to talk to Art Collectors: Gone to talk to the Dirty Streets: Gone to talk to Music makers:… continue reading »

Tuesday 10th January

WHITE RABBIT: I’m late… (K)

Monday 9th January

SOMEWHERE OVER THE RAINBOW: Somewhere in London there be a gathering. (K)

Sunday 8th January

AS I WALK-ED OUT ONE SUNDAY MORN: In the street, market traders built Duchamp nudes in Woollies on canvases of black-top & blue sky. (K)

Saturday 7th January

JUST BEFORE THE WORLD WAKES: Alone in a kitchen in the quiet time before sunrise lights drift out’ve the sky like stars with wings. Enough time to reply to friends whose mail has waited, time to sit & read &… continue reading »

Friday 6th January

RADIO 1: The light comes back to you Z. Dropping ‘Cross Town Traffic’ then ‘TMO’ – dam! ‘A Day in the Life’ mashed with hard, happy dance, rock, rap – something new & one from the Root. What a fantastic… continue reading »

Thursday 5th January

IN SHORT: Sorry about the delay in getting this to you immersed in a writing state flowing threads, but every time I drive this comes on the stereo , which reminds me of a night in the basement of radio 1 playing Beefheart with a… continue reading »

Wednesday 4th January

It’S PINK!: Z on the radio soundtracking sunrise as we drive. A nation lifted on the joy of music – thank you (K)

Tuesday 3rd January

ON THE RUN-UP: “Ladies & Gentlemen, don’t delay the trains. Please keep clothing & luggage clear of the doors”. A cartoon cat assassin grinned from a billboard at the crowd dressed in black & grey. All heads bowed, everyone reading… continue reading »

Monday 2nd January

TWO FOR ONE: “Where are you going?” she asks – “Clubbin’?’ “Yeah I love it, different rooms upstairs, V.I.P., I love it” he grins. “Everything that’s in the club is in the gym & everything that’s in the gym is… continue reading »

Sunday 1st January

WHAT’S AROUND?: A copy of ‘The Week’ magazine, books of Shakespeare, large water colour pads, a japanese scroll case, a bag of black & white photographs of Tokyo, a shrivelling apple, a small pile of underworld merch, a spare speaker… continue reading »

A Collection

A Collection features edited highlights for those who prefer things short, sweet and to the point. Includes collaborations with High Contrast, Tiesto (The First Note is Silent), Mark Knight and D. Ramirez (Downpipe) and Brian Eno. Tracklisting 1. The First… continue reading »