Monthly Archives: February 2012

Wednesday 29th February

KINDRED SPIRITS: The Grit bin emits the cacophony of a heated discussion amongst a crowd of people heard through the wall of a cheap hotel room. The green grass around it hums in random waves of fluctuating notes & intensities.… continue reading »

Tuesday 28th February

HUMMIN’ & HOLLERIN’: These eggs are doing what eggs will always do, – talking incessantly over one another. They sound like a classroom of noisy kids or a tube carriage full of excited tourists. Whilst the colour Yellow, on the… continue reading »

Monday 27th February

SOUNDS BENEATH THE FLY-OVER: The black posts in the foreground make the sound produced by hitting the end of a plastic drain pipe with a cupped hand or rubber paddle (only, more muted). The three short parallel lines sound like… continue reading »

Sunday 26th February

ON YOUR STREET: At your poetry exhibition the rhythm of the concrete sounded like a windscreen being sprayed with fine grit. The footprints sounded like wet sand being gently patted with the palm of a child’s hand (except the deep… continue reading »

Saturday 25th February

SATELITE OF LOVE: Yesterday in a Blue Square imitation of a Le Corbusier nightmare I met the woman who made the best coffee in town. A dormitory satellite envisioned by planners back in the 50’s to raise the spirits of… continue reading »

Friday 24th February

DID YOU KNOW?: Did you know that if you lift the carpet in the bedroom there’s holes in the floorboards in the shape of Deadmouse’s Giant Head? (K)

Thursday 23rd February

THE RETURN OF CAMERA: A forgotten memory found in a lost camera, of a hotel room above the casino in a town of extraordinary windows where the only working Roman lighthouse in the world stands with it’s feet in the… continue reading »

Wednesday 22nd February

“DON’T DO IT DAVE”: A scene from that night we woke from a nightmare with the tv on, in a space odyssey with an old man, a giant baby & an annoying black slab at the bottom of the bed.… continue reading »

Makuhari ArtJam

We’ve been cleaning the cupboards, and organising our archives – and in the process found a video of the ArtJam at the Makuhari Messe in Tokyo, you may not have seen before.continue reading »

Tuesday 21st February

IT’S IN THE CUPBOARD: There’s a bar in an alley in Shibuya that’s the size of a two-story wardrobe. The ground floor is just big enough for half a dozen people to squeeze up to a tiny bar with an… continue reading »

Monday 20th February

NO SMOKE ON THE THE HORZON: When the music makes you feel good follow to the source of a river born out’ve light. Scooped up in cupped & trembling hands to drink it’s song through lips parched by long &… continue reading »

Sunday 19th February

PICASSO IN THE UNDERGROUND: There’s a sad girl on the wall looking naked & afraid, painted by the most famous of names. A string of pearls around her neck. Did you used to know her? (K)

Saturday 18th February

SPARE PARTS: A gathering of broken folk ended the evening laughing, waving to one another luminous in the yellow glow of a car park light. Dirty cars, wait between the lines for us, animals & fossil fuelled familiars privy private… continue reading »

Friday 17th February

SPIDER MAN: Driving with Link Wray (K)

Thursday 16th February

SHOES #2: Found an old pair of dancing shoes that still remembered how to dance towards the light. (K)

Wednesday 15th February

AFTERDARK: There’s a fire behind the clouds, A warm glow A mother’s kiss. At the end of another long night, Hope returns to harbour in a ship of light. (CDJ playing ‘ Featherbrain ‘ by Hanne Hukkelburg) (K)

Tuesday 14th February

INSIGHTS OF THE ELDERLY: Marks on paper, hearts & graphite. Happy day lovers. Here comes the kick-drum (K)

Monday 13th February

EXACTLY WHERE?: Everybody’s flying to have fun in the snow. See the lonely boys alone, let loose in a world gone cold. Found a cafe with some sad-boy singing nothing I could understand – everybody talking tongues. This place was… continue reading »

Sunday 12th February

THE ROAD AHEAD THEY SAY: Driving out’ve town at 5:00am, some program about pond life on the radio – Whitney on my mind . (K)

Saturday 11th February

PUT ON YOUR DANCING SHOES &..: Tongy on the radio last night, transmitting goodvibes to the world, gets messages back from the International Space Station describing circles around us all. (K)

Friday 9th February

WHAT IT IS IT IS : Dig it. (This is a link : ) (K)

Thursday 9th February

BLACK & WHITE STICK & WHITE: I know there was more to say… (K)

Wednesday 8th February

THIRTEEN STICKS: A comedy of snow-monkeys cascade & tumble. A junkyard jumble of circus clowns. The snow reminds me to laugh at myself as I greet it unprepared again, ha ha ha!. CDJ plays Ryan Teague ‘Field Drawings ‘, something new from the Village… continue reading »

Tuesday 7th February

BRAMBLE ARCH: Today on the CDJ I hear : Lindstrom ‘ Six Cups of Rebel ‘ – released yesterday on the excellent Smalltown Supersound label (K)

Monday 6th February

SCRIBBLE TREES: In a crowded place I heard a man cut loose & shouting sexual innuendoes make a shrieking woman shriek so hard it sounded fake. Maybe now he thinks she wants him when secretly she can’t stand him –… continue reading »

Sunday 5th Februaury

WINKING IN A WALTER LANDER-WOND: Well it finally reached Essex, that picture postcard treachery of snakes whose intent be lost midst avenues of sugared sticks. Our gaze diverted by the beauty leaves us following in the tyre tracks of our… continue reading »

Saturday 4th February

DO THAT: What’s that music? – a familiar instrumental plays on the radio as I walk into the room. It’s something seminal to change the world, start an Empire, under-score a.n.other classic film. The room fills with the howl of… continue reading »

Friday 3rd February

I GOT A FILM IDEA FOR YOU: She just twigged he’s a wounded boy, a man with stories that sniff him like dogs. He says, “I got a good film idea for you” & grins “I don’t mean to be… continue reading »

Thursday 2nd February

FISHING THE SEAS FOR YOUR LOVE: He’s spinning her his best lines, talking rapid fire comedy electric. She looks like she’s lovin’ it – hooked & settled before the age. He talks like a predator, reeling her in, but as… continue reading »

Wednesday 1st February

TWO PEOPLE: “I didn’t see you there at first” – he said, “It’s been so long, I hardly recognised…” “I come in here to be quiet & work” – she smiled, “Are you working?” “I got a Crisis-Loan” – he… continue reading »