Monthly Archives: May 2012

Thursday 31st May

AND THE PEOPLE IN THE NEIGHBOURHOOD: The formerly discarded & broken, the outcasts & retches of society, gathered in a small sunlit room behind the busy shopping mal. As each caught the other’s eye they smiled & nodded. Some stood… continue reading »

Wednesday 30th May

I HEARD THE NEWS TO DAY OH BOY: I waited for you in oppressive heat, the sour smell of pavements smeared with butter, dubious stains on the slabs beneath favoured trainers. Men greeted one another smiling, clutching cellphones, calling, talking… continue reading »

Tuesday 29th May

THIS ONE”S FOR YOU JOHN: The rain washed the heat down the drain & this morning as we showered in a cacophony of birdsong – soaking our best trainers in the long grass. The day smelled clean & green like… continue reading »

Monday 28th May

TELEPATHY: This morning, at 5:00am a gaggle of Super-Monkies were lying in wait for me, grinning in the light of a rising sun, “Come play with us!” (K)

Sunday 27th May

CROSS-WIRE THINKING: Whose shadow falls across this morning? Whose thoughts worm in to steer the thinking? What time is this that waits between seconds stealing happiness ? These shadows only cast by sun, a light that shines for us to see.… continue reading »

Saturday 26th May

DO YOUR THING: The day looks in through windows, awaiting our first response. Is it dark or is it light – which path to take at the cross road? Obsessed with Moondog I call Fat Dog in Berkley & listen to… continue reading »

Friday 25th May

HAPPY BIRTHDAY: Claire Grogan dances off the flickering celluloid surface of Gregory’s Girl to stand alone on a stark platform at Bury St Edmunds, crowded for one time only with famous faces, all wearing the same expression of stunned disbelief, on the… continue reading »

Thursday 24th May

EACH DAY ID YESTERDAY’S TOMORROW: This city is fuelled by cellphones & chocolate, I crawled down, called down from the green fields slipped in unnoticed. Acrid perfumes coalesced, concealed the undertow of sweat that smelled of copper nicotine. And as… continue reading »

Wednesday 23rd May

ONLY DREAMING: A low cloud wrapped around the house that morning, concealing the world like Brigadoon. Everything that had happened up to that day lay far beyond the cloud & the world as it had been was nought but phantom.… continue reading »

Tuesday 22nd May

TEMPORARY: The poet lay buried beneath a mound of emotion. Trapped by the weight of encrusted concrete, unable to breath or see the sky, when all around was dancing yellow. (F)

Monday 21st May

YOU’RE A HOLIDAY: Tyre tracks disappeared off the road last night like parallel shadows, The Glenn Miller band struct up in confident stride. The radio crackled as we slid the corner, following black top, chasing lights. We came from bright… continue reading »

Sunday 20th May

JUST STATE OF MIND: Time the healer came to town, when everything was broken, scattered. (K)

Saturday 19th May

DID YOU DREAM?: Did you ever dream the End of the World, watching everything you loved slowly slip beneath the flood? Did you ever witness the unthinkable happen, or loose your faith for a fraction of a second? Did you… continue reading »

Friday 18th May

SPREAD THE LOVE: Can you feel it?(K)continue reading »

Thursday 17th May

WHEN I WAS FIRST IN LA: I bought a huge old console at a yard sale – a long sideboard of a thing . The left third was a great valve radio, 12″ speaker AMAZING sound. In the centre was… continue reading »

Wednesday 16th May

OH WHAT A BEAUTIFUL MORNIN’: Sometimes the beauty of the moment sits on the other side of a wall, though the wall isn’t there, at all (K)

Tuesday 15th May

IN MEMORY OF PREVIOUS: Dust. I tasted you again beneath the feet of millions whose skins, like fine mist blown for us to inhale sweet on swift electric winds. The mouths of dirty tunnels howl in threatening concealment of such… continue reading »

Monday 14th May

A SIGN: I found you in an empty room off a quiet street in small town. Debussy fell through holes above our heads as you spoke softly, soon becoming torrent, turning into ink upon the page. A cellphone & a… continue reading »

Sunday 13th May

INNOCENCE: Innocence sits in the sun, oblivious to corrosion dancing in the distance. Ever nearer, ever more voracious, it’s insatiable appetite quelled momentarily by cataclysmic disaster. Then only to rest until it’s headlong impulse for destruction be inevitably resumed. So… continue reading »

Saturday 12th May

RETURN OF POET STREET: “Summer is not comink” she says with perfection, an accent so English it has to be German, accurately S’s all in place & the G’s substituted all for K’s, like in Birmingham say, “Thinkink”. (K)

Friday 11th May

CAN YOU FEEL ME?: Found the poet lying in a ditch looking dazed, clutching a tiny sun. Hosed down & certified for duty, he stares out the window watching winds carve grooves in the sky – a twinkle in his… continue reading »

Thursday 10th May

THE POETRY IS BROKEN: Normal service will be resumed as soon as the poet regains unconsciousness. (X)

Wednesday 9th May

WITH THANKS: Adam Yauch, Levon Helm, when words don’t come close, silence is the better poem – remembering magical times. (K)

Tuesday 8th May

RANDOM: “Mud & Jelly babies” was the first thing you said to me, I opened my hand & you dropped them in. Now they sit between the Tate Modern flyers & a Gerhard Richter DVD – a fitting place to… continue reading »

Monday 7th May

WATCHING?: Today the DVD player plays , “Over Your Cities Grass Will Grow” (K)

Sunday 6th May

IS THAT YOU?: Is that you watching me from a shop where girls dress black & skinny, brushing blonde into the hair of Saturday Night Women? (K)

Saturday 5th May

WAITING FOR THE SUN: A tattooed fish on glass dives into the tarmac. Body art is the local aesthetic in this town. (K)

Friday 4th May

HANGING A CERAMIC HEART IN THE WINDOW: “Hello, how are you? How are the headaches? Mine are getting better, but when I get them I feel like looking for the same thing to take the edge off them.” (K)

Thursday 3rd May

THE PHONE RINGS: “Hello, what are you watching?” “I r watching ‘ GERHARD RICHTER PAINTING ‘ ” “Thank you” (K)

Wednesday 2nd May

WAITING FOR A WORD: Some days the words won’t come out to play. You look out your eyes & wait for sound, but it won’t come – not even the sound of the wind to kickstart thinking. There was a… continue reading »

Tuesday 1st May

ALL THE TREES ARE SMILING: Electric blue light flickers, bouncing off the mirrored face of a sodden road. “Did you hear the thunder?” you said, unlocking the door, standing on one leg, to slip on a shoe, – “I was… continue reading »