Monthly Archives: September 2012

Sunday 30th September

LAST NIGHT IN MADRID: I’ve loved playing these tracks for so long, so many good memories. The faces replace the faces, but the love for this music remains – what a journey. To have been a part of these rhythms,… continue reading »

Saturday 29th September

SALVADOR DALI: Watching IP Man in a Spanish hotel room-service installation with rain lashing city buildings like a scene from My Fair Lady. Everyone is uptown tapas hunting, re-united by food & tomorrow’s groove, whilst the Primal’s transmit their poetry… continue reading »

Friday 28th September

DANGLING: Filming the M25 in a silver Ford, vibrations in an anti-clockwise motion made me ill. Twenty minutes before completing the circle one of the cameras fell off…oh how we laughed. Try again next week with more cameras. (K)

Thursday 27th September

ROUND & ROUND: Filming the M25 today. (K)

Wednesday 26th September

SKIP: A day of travelling from one end of the city to the other, tube trains strewn with discarded news as commuters cover summer pastels in black & brown. In the studio builders come & go & skips are filled… continue reading »

Tuesday 25th September

I WAS ONLY THINKING OF YOU: In a cafe, in the rain, back in Home Town I was thinking about my favourite teacher in school. He was cool, one’ve the young ones sent to improve an institution that used to… continue reading »

Monday 24th September

…TO GET CAUGHT IN THE RAIN?: Two bags of Cocoanut mushrooms, two bags of Pontefract cakes, one bag of Toffee eclairs. Walk across the river, turn & follow it south, then snake around & take the third left up to… continue reading »

Sunday 23rd September

FISH N CHIPS IN THE NORTH: They call it the Midlands but everywhere is north of South Essex. Good to gather with friends yesterday around the beautiful game. The clan of the touchline tempered by time where real friendships remain,… continue reading »

Saturday 22nd September

IN A 3-D WORLD: Frozen night full of stars, the kind you don’t want to miss so stay awake watching them to see what happens next. Now Essex is radiant in the full glare of an Autumn sun. A crystal… continue reading »

Friday 21st September

DID YOUR FACE GO NUMB TODAY?: This is for the bartender who spiked my popular brown fizzy sweet soft drink with vodka yesterday – bless him. (K)

Thursday 20th September

REHEARSING: Like a cherished car put away for winter, lovingly maintained & nurtured ’till summer the live equipment is ignited at the shed of dreams with favourite melodies. Grooves that tell the story of long journeys. Hundreds of thousands of… continue reading »

Wednesday 19th September

BACK YARD STORY: Memories in the back yard with a musician who seen it & done it, packed his bags & moved to a Caribbean Island, Played with all them stars, moved amongst the rich n famous, laid down a… continue reading »

Tuesday 18th September

HUMAN KINDNESS: Yesterday in the city where the poetry was steaming like it’d been excreted just before I stepped in it. Too much coffee in the blood left me buzzin’ like a road drill, everything suddenly smelling of house paint,… continue reading »

Monday 17th September

WIFFIN’ AUTUMN: Sleepless & I’m shaking, this is a beautiful morning if only I could touch it. Today we’re opalescent, caught in the cold light, sleepless in the underground. Breathing your breath, driving at night through the back waters of… continue reading »

Sunday 16th September

THESE WORDS IN AN ALL-NIGHT-HEAD: Lights are on in the room tonight, pale light through an upstairs window, a broken boat pulled to the shore. Holding on till the last breath, like salvation was in the post. Watching people climbing… continue reading »

Saturday 15th September

ALL THESE GIFTS: Even the ones who move on too soon leave behind gifts to sweeten our journey. Sunrise – listening to Karen Dalton . (K)

Friday 14th September

WINDY: The wind has changed, it’s not so hot. The kind’ve weather that thoughts can be clear in. Morning light, bright & positive, illuminates the landscape calling us to travel far out to look over the edge of the horizon.… continue reading »

Thursday 13th September

YOU’LL KNOW IT’S KNOCK: My mate at football says, “If there’s one thing in life we’re certain of…” (K)

Wednesday 12th September

FAMILY: The best news on waking is that the living have maintained our numbers & all found something else to laugh about. Families either rift & drift or get drawn together & I’m proud to be part of the latter.… continue reading »

Tuesday 11th September

ANOTHER WEIRD START TO THE DAY: Me & an owl at 4:00 – me on this lap top at the kitchen table. the owl in a tree outside the kitchen window. Hoot-hoot, tap-tap-tap. Some one in asleep outside Birmingham gets… continue reading »

Monday 10th September

WHEN ‘NO’ IS ‘YES’: When you loose someone you love it’s like half of you is in a car crash & the other half has to get on with the shopping. This is extreme multi-tasking, noting you could sell to… continue reading »

Sunday 9th September

LIFE GO SON: As tradition dictates, they paid respect in black for everyone, but though tongues might wag & cluck for this one they’ll wear rainbow colours lest they disrespect her memory & the way she made them smile through… continue reading »

Saturday 8th September

KNOCK-KNOCK: Loved ones sleep in hospitals, sunrise is beautiful over South Essex. New music in the studio, new art for distant lands, new cultures to jam with scheduled for the months to come. The sky is crystal clear, even the… continue reading »

Friday 7th September

SAD KNOCKER: In the time before sunrise an old friend rents a quiet rooms to a noisy head. Last night the crazies gathered in the dark to the sound of sobbing & choirs. The agony underscored by beautiful singing alway… continue reading »

Thursday 6th September

B4 T’ SUN: Up at 5 to beat the sun, heater on driving on main beam up empty roads listening to Yeasayer. (K)

Wednesday 5th September

TWO METAL SHUFFLE: The rails were good, delivering me into paths of friends I hadn’t see for a life time. Smiles & hands extended in genuine happiness at meeting. The one that was traveling to Geneva to play the blues… continue reading »

Tuesday 4th September

A NEW THRONE: I see you’re out & riding trains again with that new glint in your eye where once you carried pain but now cut free from ego’s cunning whisper you enjoy the simple groove. Was it you I… continue reading »

Monday 3rd September

LAUGHING BEHIND THE WHEEL: “I’ve been an amateur all my life” said Phyllis Diller as the full moon began concealing & the radio remembered. (K)

Sunday 2nd September

DID SUMMER CLOSE THE DOOR ON IT”S SELF TODAY?: Back in South Essex, calm, a time between times, watching skies. Listening to something new from Efterklang , anticipating a tour. (K)

Saturday 1st September

FUZZ BIRDS: Just then, a police car flashed past, siren howling, sounding beautiful like a flock of distorted seagulls. We were amazed, pointing as it sped, standing beneath a sign that read, ‘Cut Crusts Not Corners’ (K)