Monthly Archives: October 2012

Wednesday 31st October

LAST NIGHT”S HIT N RUN: Efterklang were extraordinary last night, radiating sunshine from the mainstage at the Barbican on a cold bleak night. Now they fly to Tokyo to perform & if you’re there please go see them, they’re a band… continue reading »

Tuesday 30th October

ESSEX: Exploding Orange morning, one hour after dark. Looking forward to seeing Efterklang play London tonight. (K)

Monday 29th October

4:00 AM: Dark, cold, sleepless. Walk around the house a bit, sit on the top step & stare into middle distance. Do that thing where your eyes are open but don’t focus on anything & watch thoughts bounce around like… continue reading »

Sunday 28th October

CLOCKS GO BACK: Here in Essex the clocks go back to reunite us with another beautiful sunrise, a positive light cast in the bitter cold of a Sunday morning. Think I’ll walk & let some thoughts grow – exercise the… continue reading »

Saturday 27th October

THROUGH THE LOOKING GLASS: I love Alice Cooper! (Always did) (K)

Friday 26th October

HEAVENLY CHIMES: Driving yesterday I was lifted by the sound of the Danish National Symphony Orchestra & the Danish National Choir preforming Brahms German Requiem & now, surrounded by the vibrant colours of Autumn I’m listening to 1982 + BJ Cole , (how great… continue reading »

Thursday 25th October

SMOKIN’: There’s a fat rusting machine, like a sewage pipe cannon concealed in the corner with cables running out’ve it like something unearthed from the 1940’s – east end of London. ‘Beware of Blast’ – you can just about read… continue reading »

Wednesday 24th October

STICK IT BREEZE: Out’ve the fog I see Paul Nash’s trees appear & a marker someone’s stuck in the ground when I wasn’t looking – a stick with a white strip of plastic blowing in the breeze, then another & another &… continue reading »

Tuesday 23rd October

OUT’VE THE FOG – A FOOT: What a strange day. It unravelled to be beautiful but started, riding a damp train populated by people dressed in grey, to the accompaniment of irritating cellphones & loud conversations. Walking through back streets… continue reading »

Underworld collect innovation in sound award

Underworld yesterday picked up the Q innovation in sound award at the annual Q awards in London, the award was presented to them by Danny Boyle.continue reading »

Monday 22nd October

I woke up to the sound of birds & traffic, people going about their lives & getting on with stuff. Schedules & deadlines, projects & plans, all of us focused on the thing in front or looking down the road… continue reading »

Sunday 21st October

JUST PASSED INTO THE NEXT ROOM: There was a load of great things about him, it’s hard to know where to start. Today I remember the way he loved to make us laugh & how he smiled with the whole… continue reading »

Saturday 20th October

SLEEPLESS: Awake from 4:00am, emailing the other side of the date line. Downloading mixes before sunrise, feeling F.I.N.E. (K)

Friday 19th October

DESIRE: A fat crow eats a fat worm standing on blacktop, black on black & wet. The blacktop turns purple turns lilac at sunrise, middle distance hides in the fog. Everything is blue & still, even the crow & the… continue reading »

Thursday 18th October

IT’S NOT BLACK OR WHITE (OR GREY): The rain feels right, a film swipe cleaning the palate, brushing summer’s dust off the blacktop. I’ll find a train today, ride it to somewhere faster, look for something different in the cracks & bring it… continue reading »

Wednesday 17th October

PULL YOU HEAVY BUT BEAUTIFUL: Sanctuary beneath the sheets as heavy rain drummed on the roof & the wind got crazy in the trees. Alarm clocks were kind to us this morning, waiting longer than we expected to start their… continue reading »

Tuesday 16th October

THE DAY AFTER FEARLESS FELIX FELL: Someone’s singing in a bathroom, two birds describe parallel lines across the sky. The clouds are thick blue-grey at sunrise, a train sits cold & damp in a siding smelling of yesterday’s people, dreaming… continue reading »

Monday 15th October

YOUR WEEDS ARE MY FLOWERS: The sky explodes in pink & blue like a bruise escaping the rising sun. The art we jammed here in Essex arrived in Tokyo. The marks, stones, sticks & street debris are all exotic now,… continue reading »

Sunday 14th October

HAPPENING: Sunday was a long day, a lot happened & it’s still happening – excuse me. (K)

Saturday 13th October

AFTER DARK: Alone, Alone, feels like I’m going somewhere, wish I had chocolate to take away the taste. Stealing precious time in a painting studio listening to Debussy way past sunset. (K)

Friday 12th October

TRY NOT TALKING: Relieved to be released from the city. Ten minutes driving around in the rain alone, no conversation, no radio – clouds lift, the sound of foam bubble popping. Feel the fingers on the wheel, feet in contact… continue reading »

Thursday 11th October

WHAT’S THAT SMELL?: The four hour journey to & from the studio, take-out food & constant conversation. Working in a part of town that quickly bores or is it that we’re rooted to the same spot between four walls? Art… continue reading »

Wednesday 10th October

FAMILIAR IN A STRANGER LAND: Walking familiar streets through Japanese eyes I’m reminded how exhausting it is to be in a foreign city. Everything is talking, chattering, vying for attention. Everything is stimulating, amazing, rich & oozing exotic information. Engaging… continue reading »

Tuesday 9th October

WHAT’S IN THE BOX?: Waking in a bubble of dense fog which fortunately sits outside the head. Toru flew in from Tokyo last night to begin making artworks out’ve bits of Essex. He’s got me to find a box &… continue reading »

Monday 8th October

FAT DOG MEETS ELEPHANT 9: What’s that coming over the horizon, big & pink like a wasp sting? I’ve never seen a sunrise like this, walking towards us through wet grass smelling clean & green. Worm casts cling to the… continue reading »

Sunday 7th October

THE MOMENT: One’ve those days when the sun shines, you catch the train to a place that inspires you, a back street rundown place that’s right for what you need. You meet people who are good to be around &… continue reading »

Saturday 6th October

RABBITS IN THE CROWS: Rabbits in the Crows & the Deer’s in the Stubble-Corn, Peckers in the Grass & Berries in the Thorn, Chopper’s in the Woodpile & Apples in the Apple-Press, Baby’s in the Z’s & the Sun has… continue reading »

Friday 5th October

CRIS-CROSS RHYTHMS THAT EXPLODE WITH HAPPINESS: Rhythm of the rain in the night, rhythm of the silence of the sheets, rhythm of the rain against glass, low slapping thuds as it hits the roof. At sunrise the clouds hang low… continue reading »

Thursday 4th October

GIBBERISHLY YOURS: So what am I actually doing in this electric window? Is it all just ego, the ditherings of a lonely idiot, or am I posing behind plate glass in a notorious Hamburg side show? Don’t worry, I’m not… continue reading »

Wednesday 3rd October

GLASS BOX: They met in a glass box like performance artists, naked & exposed to the world. In the streets around them busy shoppers weaved in precision choreography, luminous in motion, with withering expressions in fading heat at summer’s end.… continue reading »

Tuesday 2nd October

WORDS: Another day in the Emerald City writing/recording one’ve the projects. The poetry on the trains is the same only coloured browns & greys. Trying to write about some one’s life, keep it straight not go ‘poetic’ or ‘lyrical’, just… continue reading »

Monday 1st October

OFF TO MEET THE WIZARD: Overnight rain outside, heard from deep within the folds of bedsheets is one’ve my favourite sounds & though the sunlight on the Spanish plain made me feel good the low grey light & thick clouds… continue reading »