Monthly Archives: January 2013

A flurry of activity from Underworld

April 2013 will see the release of Karl Hyde’s debut solo LP, Edgeland. It features nine tracks that were recorded over a year in London with multi-instrumentalist and producer Leo Abrahams (whom Karl met whilst collaborating with Brian Eno on… continue reading »

Thursday 10th January

ANOTHER SOFTWARE UPDATE?: This one stops my iTunes talking to my phone – useful (K)

Wednesday 9th January

I’M MELTING: Lively Up Yourself , Babylon By Bus, hungry to go live. Locked in a small room for weeks learning how to do things that came natural to a 14 year old looping the same parts, going groove blind & trying to… continue reading »

Tuesday 8th January

ONE FOR DAVID: On principle I’m buying David Bowie’s new track . Space Oddity was up there with Lux Aeterna, Acid House & pirate radio when I was a kid – life changing. (K)

Monday 7th January

THE ROAD LESS GRAVELLED: The coffee hit the back of his throat, setting sparks behind the eyes. The he felt a growing guilt, it seemed wrong to be enjoying this pleasure alone & it made him nervous. He watched the… continue reading »

Sunday 6th January

WE ARE BRIGADOONED: As we wake in gentle blue light the moon grins at us on it’s side before a fog envelopes us, low hiss of traffic in the distance, invisible. A mantle between us & the sun, once again… continue reading »

Saturday 5th January

THAT RAW FEELING: I’m, trying to write about a journey along the banks of a river, people we meet, their stories, animals, names, idiosyncratic car livery. The things people make with their own hands . Art Brut, Outsider Architecture, recollections of living in the edgelands. Hand painted signs,… continue reading »

Friday 4th January

IN PASSING: Found another shrine by the side of the road, two small bunches of flowers. What’s the story? All these lives, all these memories, journeys touching other lives. Joy, Laughter, aguish, pain, extraordinary fragments gathered by one individual, assembling… continue reading »

Thursday 3rd January

THE YEAR OF THE DANCING STICKMAN: Through the gate & down the ash track into the forest. Past an old orchard  where we blew that  twelve bore hole through a cherrywood stump, we saw four men in black parked where… continue reading »

Wednesday 2nd January

EXITING THE DREAM HOLE: Shellshocked expressions imerge from bleary dream holes. The mocking light of a damp day offers chill hugs that cling to the bone. The comforting cheer of festooned trees has passed, reality grins, sharpening pencils on curb… continue reading »

Tuesday 1st January

BEGINS WITH A SMILE: A four mile walk to the rhythm of rain, accompanied by naked dancing hedge rows. Heroic trees raise up on hind legs, proud Lipizzaners, caught in cracks of winter light, Weegee crime scenes at the forest… continue reading »