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Friday 4th January

IN PASSING: Found another shrine by the side of the road, two small bunches of flowers. What’s the story? All these lives, all these memories, journeys touching other lives. Joy, Laughter, aguish, pain, extraordinary fragments gathered by one individual, assembling… continue reading »

Thursday 3rd January

THE YEAR OF THE DANCING STICKMAN: Through the gate & down the ash track into the forest. Past an old orchard¬† where we blew that ¬†twelve bore hole through a cherrywood stump, we saw four men in black parked where… continue reading »

Wednesday 2nd January

EXITING THE DREAM HOLE: Shellshocked expressions imerge from bleary dream holes. The mocking light of a damp day offers chill hugs that cling to the bone. The comforting cheer of festooned trees has passed, reality grins, sharpening pencils on curb… continue reading »

Tuesday 1st January

BEGINS WITH A SMILE: A four mile walk to the rhythm of rain, accompanied by naked dancing hedge rows. Heroic trees raise up on hind legs, proud Lipizzaners, caught in cracks of winter light, Weegee crime scenes at the forest… continue reading »

Monday 31st December

THANK YOU FOR THE DAZE TO COME: Sun sets on the city, the beacon of St Paul’s illuminates for revelling stumblers to navigate streets abandoned by the sun, like it was the last night on earth. Thank you all for… continue reading »

Sunday 30th December

WHAT’S THAT NOISE?: Got this growing desire to hear new music that’s raw & rough & vibrant. Visceral, unpolished, songs, lyrics from the gut & a beat that takes no prisoners. (K)

Saturday 29th December

STREET THEATRE: Watched an old oak frozen in the stance of it’s last dance like a Shinjuku grotesque from a Daido Moriyama photograph – street dancers staggering between traffic in black & white. Wandered around in the dark at 2:00am searching for… continue reading »

Friday 28th December

BLUE LEAVES IN THE RAIN: The blue oaks of Suffolk shower leaves on us as we hunch over steaming mugs – sweet hot chocolate at the end of a long walk. Mud n dogs, trees festooned with mistletoe, branches dressed… continue reading »

Thursday 27th December

DOWN THE OLE DOG N CAGE: In the silence before the household wakes, me & a dog in a cage respectfully don’t communicate. Sunrise, hidden though it is by thick cloud, casts milky light on us both. I catch it’s… continue reading »

Wednesday 26th December

IS THAT YOUR GRAT HE CHEWED?: Resisting all temptation he stepped back & watched beloved puddings disappear, enjoyed instead the happiness of revellers in paper crowns. The games of charades & cards, the laughter of reunited families from past years… continue reading »