Saturday 1st December

FROSTY THE ‘NO’ MAN: A peach ribbon of stain describes an horizon beneath a watercolour sky of subtle greys, A frost so thick you exclaimed, “Wow! Its snowed!” A pile of guitars from last night’s rehearsing, trying to get my… continue reading »

Friday 30th November

GHOST IN THE RADIO: There’s a cartoon sky over Essex this morning, Simpson clouds like sheep grazing liquid pink meadows. A frost & a cliche of gradient blues as trees recede to distant fields. Last night I found a room… continue reading »

Thursday 29th November

THERE’S LIGHT IN THE MIDDLE OF IT: A day that started like a drive by a long slag heap at dawn. Grey light breaking through black cloud that touched the ground, heavy with rain. Cartoon demons with zig-zag mouths live… continue reading »

Wednesday 28th November

ON THE STREETS OF SOHO: I followed the man in the tan coat & matching shoes in the rain through the streets of Soho. It was clear from the way they were polished those shoes were important. He looked like… continue reading »

Tuesday 27th November


Monday 26th November

MONDAY – MONDAY: Mamma’s & the Papa’s (K)

Sunday 25th November

POSTING PICTURES TO KATHMANDU: Alone in a kitchen, a fridge humming in the corner, the high fizz of electricity in halogens, wrapped in the black cocoon of night. No traffic on the roads, only the delicate hiss of rain falling… continue reading »

Saturday 24th November

BUILDING MOUNTAINS TO CLIMB: Have you checked your list, your list of important things to do? How many of them come before family? Driving in the fog today, I hope we get there & back safely….tune in tomorrow. (K)

Friday 23rd November

EVERYTHING IS DIRT & ALL THE DIRT IS BEAUTIFUL: I found beautiful concrete structures underneath the fly-overs at Brent Cross. A river, sheathed in hardcore shuttering lined with delicate trees that reminded me of Tokyo, tableaux framed in cracks &… continue reading »

Thursday 22nd November

WHAT ARE YOU DOIN’ TONIGHT?: After a day in the rain photographing the brutal architecture of fly overs & foot bridges at Brent Cross the clouds break for blue to burst through like a broken fly of a favourite pair… continue reading »