Saturday 31st December

SCRIBBLE-HEAD: What an extraordinary year this has been. In January Frankenstein was yet to go public. We were living in a hotel on the South Bank, eating porridge in the NT canteen & seeing very little of the world outside… continue reading »

Friday 30th December

CAN YOU FEEL IT?: In the belly. (K)

Thursday 29th December


Wednesday 28th December

MIRROR-MIRROR: Found your face carved on a tree – a boy looks sad & old cut into the living skin of a giant standing naked at the side of the road. Radiant faces walk past laughing, chasing – hand in… continue reading »

Tuesday 27th December

BEAUTIFUL THING: The house is sleeping, inbox empty, the phone hasn’t rung all day. I creep into the studio, clutching fresh tea & inspiration. Moving slow so as not to wake the world. (K)

Monday 26th December

BREATHING: It’s unusually still outside beyond that loud jazz coming from the kitchen – something trad with a Christmas flavour, prolongs a cosy feeling of cocoon where we all floated smiling, “This is a great day, thank you”. Today I… continue reading »

Saturday 24th December

I’M DREAMING OF A BLACK & WHITE CHRISTMAS: Something simple & happy. (K)

Friday 23th December

ELECTRIC PAPER MAP MONKEY: Bless the commuters of the Emerald City. It was one’ve those glorious, ‘you got it so wrong karl’ moments – everyone on the tube train was reading paper -based words. Though 3 out’ve the 4 people… continue reading »

Thursday 22nd December

LOOK THROUGH ANY WINDOW YEAH; Into the holes beneath the City of Dreams we dive, breathing the dust of skin & crumbling buildings. An urban tribe wired up to tiny electronic friends, distractions from the wonderful imagery tumbling all around… continue reading »