Monday 31st October

LAST NIGHT IN TURIN: Lovers kissed beneath the image of a smiling giant, his hand buried deep in the mouth of a soft toy crocodile. Couples kiss inside transparent umbrellas, slow-walking between grotesquely opulent shop displays. The lure of neon,… continue reading »

Sunday 30th October

R.I.P JIMMY SAVILE: An  eccentric dream figure  who brought music & laughter to our younger selves. (K)

Saturday 29th October

SOMETHING FOR THE WEEKEND?: Essex woke up covered in mist, a hint of a pink glow, maybe even something blue – a promise? (K)

Friday 28th October

THE SON RETURNS: Back from a day out’ve the web-surf, focused on recording. Another amazing sight greets us as we wake. Every day I say, “Wow, thanks”. Watching Blue Tits & Jays on their frenzied hunt for insects in the… continue reading »

Thursday 27th October

MISSING INACTION: This is for the missing diary page that I didn’t send. When I sat down to write no words appeared. I thought, “Let’s be radical & not do a diary today” (K)

Wednesday 26th October

WHEN THE LIGHT SINGS: Everyday I take time out to look up at the the clouds. They’re breathtaking, enormous paintings caught in the crisp light of an Autumn sun. Somewhere in the world it’s Spring, a completely different light, somewhere it’s a white-out… continue reading »

Tuesday 25th October

YOUR DIRTY MOUTH: Rode the train into the city with a plum-voiced blonde who tried to talk trashyslipping badly practiced expletives into her stories about her favourite alleys & nights on the lash. The whole carriage visibly winced when she saidshe… continue reading »

Monday 24th October

SENSORY OVERLOAD: Watched a flock of birds splinter & wheel over the fields in the sun showering us with cascading melodies. Had to block out the music coming off all the other things & the horizon was low constant hum.… continue reading »

Sunday 23rd October

YOU DANCIN?: The light is singing, shouting, screaming harmonies & sinuous rhythms. Music I’ve been blocking out with self obsessions, but today I let you in. Autumn hasn’t felt so real since school daze when shell charts & exquisitely illustrated… continue reading »

Saturday 22nd October

YELLOW HAT THINKING: Drove around at night listening to the radio, darkness like a warm tunnel . Words, like voices seep out’ve everything. Poetry wants to write it’s self everywhere I look, it comes at us in waves, sometimes torrents, but always there, slow trickling… continue reading »

Friday 21st October

TURNING A LIGHT ON: Day 8: ran out’ve of dongle bandwidth, ran out’ve patience, ran out & boughta dongle I could call my own, got hooked up – hallelujah! This is starting to sound like a proper BLOG eh? – the… continue reading »

Thursday 20th October

SORTIT AARRT!: The misery of the internet continues into it’s 7th day. The borrowed dongle ran out of credit last night mid download & needs topping up by a credit card I don’t own. Is this another opportunity to reflect… continue reading »

Wednesday 19th October

ON TONY’S DAY: Today, back in the village, they’ve got a sell out gig for our friend Tony Goodwin. A man who had a lot in common with the character Doc Graham from Field of Dreams. Here’ a link to tell you more… continue reading »

Tuesday 18th October

IN A GLASS WORLD: Greetings from a new day of telecom wonders. Yesterday we received news that BT couldn’t reconnect us as they were missing a box- this is turning into a piece of performance art. Fortunately a friend lent… continue reading »

Monday 17th October

THE ONLY NAME FOR A ROSE: This is another transmission from a field surfing stray internet connections until the nice people at BT throw me a line – what joy. Better news – the Stone Roses are to reform as we look… continue reading »

Sunday 16th October

DANCING: Today – no internet connection. Drove around, found some stray wi-fi waves & piped this out to you. Call me in the morning when it’s fixed. (K)

Saturday 15th October

IN A LAND FAR-FAR-AWAY A beautiful day in Essex – a sad but proud day in Wales (K)

Friday 14th October

TURNING LIGHTS ON He walked around the house at night turning lights on, then off, then on. Imagining each room at different times of day, different seasons of the year, filled with laughter life breathed into them by familiar voices.… continue reading »

Thursday 13th October

DIRTY GROOVE A grinning man in a dark suit clutched a brief case standing still amused alone on a country lane. A fat white furry cat sat watching a pigeon doze on the road in the sun. A fat moon rose… continue reading »

Wednesday 12th October

ELECTRIC: Chillin to the thrillin of one’ve my favourite guitarists –  Junior Brown . Sweet polyrhythmic cascades make my cheek bones hurt from smiling. (K)

Tuesday 11th October

ON WHEELS: The studio disappeared on wheels yesterday. The room stands oddly mute. A piano, a plug board, cases filled with disconnected hard drives. I notice the pattern on the curtains for the first time in a year, strange how… continue reading »

Monday 10th October

CONNECTED TO YOU: Windblown, Dark & wet. I love listening to the rain from the smug comfort of a warm bed. It’s hours before the alarm with the lights off my eyes adjust to the dark catching shapes shifting between… continue reading »

Sunday 9th October

ANOTHER SUNDAY IN ESSEX: Jenson Button wins the Japanese Grand prix, Heavy rain heat transports Essex to the tropics. the colours on tele look hot-n-sticky, singing rich Japanese rhythms in light that translates into succulent sounds. The radio debates the… continue reading »

Saturday 8th October

FOR WALES:Woke up today with the Arms Park singing full throated strong. Just as it was when we lived in that brown room in the house by the river between the flea infested flat upstairs & the couple downstair’s violent… continue reading »

Friday 7th October

ROOTS: R.I.P. Tony Goodwin. He had great eyes that were full of light, a radiant smile & dressed like no one else in town. A small town notices it’s outsiders, but Tony was both outside & in & well loved… continue reading »

Thursday 6th October

ABSENT FRIENDS: R.I.P. Steve Jobs   Bert Jansch  – two important figures in my life. (K)

Wednesday 5th October

APP-OLOGY FROM THE HOUSE OF HYDE: Late again with today’s diary, got into the studio early, head down, phone off, internet locked-out, but took a break to clear the ears, sit in the wind & read A Bigger Messag . The man has… continue reading »

Tuesday 4th October

HOW TO CROSS A LINE: Time, the seasons, the rhythm of light, the multiplying rhythms of wind-blown leaves. Recording images in one’s memory, captured on the back an eye for future times. The paper, like the magnetic tape & the… continue reading »

Monday 3rd October

COMMUNICATION BREAKDOWN: Sorry about the late posting, it’s been a busy morning. Head full of words like a cloud of noise. Best we let it settle before we release it into the world eh? I remember, as a kid, when… continue reading »

Sunday 2nd October

NIGHT SHIFT: A procession of smiling faces enter the tiny room we commandeered asking if there’s anything at all we need. We glance around the stark interior & laugh with them. Two small bottles of water, one half drunk, a… continue reading »

Saturday 1st October

BALL: We sat out side in the cool evening air naming stars through apps on our iPhones. The moon was huge & low in the sky, a delicate red crescent airbrushed on the horizon – alluding to something spherical, Massive… continue reading »