Underworld; 21.08.2018


Tuesday 8th November


Spent yesterday with brother rick being powdered, primped positioned.
“Keep your eyes wide open, look left, look up; show us your teeth”.
Were the clothes we wore what we would have chosen? The point is,
this is a team & a little faith goes a long way up the road of exploration.
Last hour of the day was out on the roof with the rust & razor wire singing.
I felt more at home out there though we froze the bone in the signature damp
of Autumn. Driving home, a little dazed & bemused but grateful to be on such
an extraordinary journey. I know most of you don’t know what the hell I’m
talking about, but you will, sisters & brothers, you will.

Another screening of Efterklnag’s “An Island” closed the day with a dose
of sweet inspiration.


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