Wednesday 21st December

AS I WALKED OUT ONE FOGGY MORN: Rhythms clash & tangle in the countdown to Christmas – imagining marks on big sheets of heavy paper that tumble onto the ground as sound. (K)

Tuesday 20th December

COLOURS: Our shadows ripple over iron fences, over weeds that dance by the side of the road. The iron rusts, looks beautiful in sunlight where the names of local faces like a fanfare sprayed in silver drip down walls. And… continue reading »

Monday 19th December

BOOK OF LISTS: Franz Kline stares back at us today in dynamic blacks & whites. One’ve those daze that started out so great yet with an almost imperceptible undercurrent of erosion. As the sky turned the colour of grey milk, rain began… continue reading »

Sunday 18th December

BLACKTOP BOOGIE-WOOGIE: The light was bright & beautiful when we woke now the snow fallS thick & fast. I was about to write you long today, but if we don’t get out soon the road between here & there will… continue reading »

Saturday 17th December

  VILLAGE OF THE GLAMMED: Paparazzi gather on the corners in between the post box & the betting shop – conspicuous in black & looking hungry. Film stars stagger in from the street acting crazy & enigmatic – a village… continue reading »

Friday 16th December

IT STICKS TO THE SOLES OF YOUR SHOES: I think I’m being followed – no seriously. The bloke who sat next to me in the waiting room this morning got off the same train coming back. This geezer walks into… continue reading »

Thursday 15th December

ANOTHER HOTEL TABLEAUX: Into the Emerald City with notebook & pen, flicking poetry out’ve cracks between the bricks. But first, a phoner with Japan un-noticed in a car in a random station carpark. (K)

Wednesday 14th December

NUDE DESCENDING A STAIRCASE: A long morning behind the wheel begins before sunrise, passing through Lemonworld, playing back & critiquing compositions. In this world we get less time together than you’d imagine, so this time together before the phones bay… continue reading »

Tuesday 13th December

EVERYTHING IS CARBON: I’m thinking about charcoal twisting between the fingers, describing violent arks across the surface of heavy paper. I’m thinking about beach fires on summer nights & finding rings of carbonised wood at sunrise. This morning in the… continue reading »

Monday 12th December

NOISE: Driving just before sunrise, flicking from Radio 1 to 5, the light between the silhouettes of trees makes a rhythm – a gentle but incessant ‘thudding’ on my window. Black naked branches squeak like leather-on-leather, generating murmured conversations. To… continue reading »