Sunday 11th December

MISSING IN ACTION: And we’ll miss it dearly until after the Oympics. The dancing shoes won’t go back on fast enough then! Thank you to everyone who celebrated with us in Holland last night. Your energy was electric, lifting us… continue reading »

Saturday 10th December

IN HOLLAND WITH A BANANA: Local crews have done a beautiful job here in Holland, production details high & rising. Bacon & eggs wait back stage in rooms decked out with gnomes & ladybirds. No clue what the theme is… continue reading »

Friday 9th December

THE LAST WALTZ: Before dawn the stars slipped from the sky like low cost airlines, tail lights blinking. The moon was fat & yellow laughing at the sun as it struggled to give us heat through a jungle of naked… continue reading »

Thursday 8th December

WITH THE GLASS EYES ON YOU: It was a freezing cold day, dark & bleak before sunrise. Wrapped up in the back of Safe Dave’s car, from the heart of Essex into Olympic City. As the sun rose we froze… continue reading »

Wednesday 7th December

AMONGST FRIENDS: Of to the emerald City, on a dark, wet & freezing morning – Safe Dave at the wheel. A field, perhaps, somewhere to meet the good people of the press for photographs & banter. (K)

Tuesday 6th December

GIANT PINK THINGS: At sunrise the sky was full of animals. Giant pink things in purple hoods floated east.We stood beneath them photographing naked sticks, broke the ice on puddles with the heels of our boots & it cracked like… continue reading »

Monday 5th December

WHEN THE BODY IS AN ALIEN: Flu flies fierce in the face of fortune. However, with the appropriate state of mind the cavalcade of compositions never falters, nor languishes in the long face lane. Press gearing up for this week’s… continue reading »

Sunday 4th December

WHEN YOU DON’T FEEL GUSHING: Some daze it’s too early to think grown up thoughts. The poetry collides like the random cravings of a tempestuous child. I’m remembering a scene from the Efterklang film ‘ An Island ‘ where they’re travelling through… continue reading »

Saturday 3rd December

AAAAAAAAAHHHH!: Woke up in the fast lane of the M1. Looked out the window at a sunrise so gloriously black & white it sucked the colour out’ve the world. Only the clouds, deceptive in their livery of greys were actually… continue reading »

Friday 2nd December

WET FEET: Yeah, there‚Äôs a leak & the floors are flooded just like back in student daze. Feels like visit for old times sake of a forgotten lodger as we paddle about before dawn. Took a walk to watch the… continue reading »