Underworld; 23.09.2018


Monday 2nd January


“Where are you going?” she asks – “Clubbin’?’
“Yeah I love it, different rooms upstairs, V.I.P., I love it” he grins.
“Everything that’s in the club is in the gym & everything that’s in the gym
is in the club” she laughs. “The beats are the same. I met my gym instructor
on the street, listening to the same beats.” “What’s your favourite?”
she asks “It’s Michael Jackson – nobody will ever beat him.
We bought tickets to see him – £800, 2 rows from the front”
“Oh I’m so sorry” she consoles him “Yeah” he giggles nervously,
running his fingers through her hair


Did I dream the woman with the green fur jacket who got on the train
with wires in here ears? Did I see her before in another country,
on another journey, another street? Is she following me & will
I eventually meet myself for that week I was haunted by a clone
in ’75?


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