Friday 30th November

GHOST IN THE RADIO: There’s a cartoon sky over Essex this morning, Simpson clouds like sheep grazing liquid pink meadows. A frost & a cliche of gradient blues as trees recede to distant fields. Last night I found a room… continue reading »

Thursday 29th November

THERE’S LIGHT IN THE MIDDLE OF IT: A day that started like a drive by a long slag heap at dawn. Grey light breaking through black cloud that touched the ground, heavy with rain. Cartoon demons with zig-zag mouths live… continue reading »

Wednesday 28th November

ON THE STREETS OF SOHO: I followed the man in the tan coat & matching shoes in the rain through the streets of Soho. It was clear from the way they were polished those shoes were important. He looked like… continue reading »

Tuesday 27th November


Monday 26th November

MONDAY – MONDAY: Mamma’s & the Papa’s (K)

Sunday 25th November

POSTING PICTURES TO KATHMANDU: Alone in a kitchen, a fridge humming in the corner, the high fizz of electricity in halogens, wrapped in the black cocoon of night. No traffic on the roads, only the delicate hiss of rain falling… continue reading »

Saturday 24th November

BUILDING MOUNTAINS TO CLIMB: Have you checked your list, your list of important things to do? How many of them come before family? Driving in the fog today, I hope we get there & back safely….tune in tomorrow. (K)

Friday 23rd November

EVERYTHING IS DIRT & ALL THE DIRT IS BEAUTIFUL: I found beautiful concrete structures underneath the fly-overs at Brent Cross. A river, sheathed in hardcore shuttering lined with delicate trees that reminded me of Tokyo, tableaux framed in cracks &… continue reading »

Thursday 22nd November

WHAT ARE YOU DOIN’ TONIGHT?: After a day in the rain photographing the brutal architecture of fly overs & foot bridges at Brent Cross the clouds break for blue to burst through like a broken fly of a favourite pair… continue reading »

Wednesday 21st November

THIS TRAIN BOUND FOR GLORY: Dark rain, cold light, the sky comes down to the ground to run it’s sodden fingers through the trees. The trees recede in tones of blue & yellow light promises nostalgia & sanctuary from the… continue reading »

Tuesday 20th November

TRAINS & RAIN: North London meetings along unfamiliar rail links, unusual clothes combinations & the kind’ve hairdo’s that gets you into trouble round here. Sifting out the words from the noise & the habitual desire to turn everything into ‘nice-ness’.… continue reading »

Monday 19th November

LIGHT CAKE & CANVAS DANCE: On Friday, following cake & light in Soho, I got inspired for the first time in years to paint on canvas after seeing some fabulous paintings from 1964 by the artist Mark Vaux . Every time I… continue reading »

Sunday 18th November


Saturday 17th November

THE MAN IN THE FLOWERPOT HAT: The girl sat next to me last night got hot when the singer took off his jacket. His arms went all the way to his shoulders, he’d looked after himself. “Woo! Woo!” she went… continue reading »

Friday 16th November

COMIC BOOK SUPER HERO FANTASY FIGURES: Kidderminster crumbles but in my dreams is filled with bustling chippy’s cooking with lard, news agents selling 60’s American comics & washing machine showrooms selling rock guitars to languid boys with hair to their… continue reading »

Thursday 15th November

WATER COLOUR: Driving home in the glow of FM, we saw the final rays of the sun, gasped at their beauty & pulled over. Standing in the headlights, engine running on a dirt track, we photographed the rhythm of corn… continue reading »

Wednesday 14th November

LAST NIGHT WITH L.A. CHRIS: Angel to Hackney whilst Kidderminster crumbles we walk a dog in the dark which suddenly stops & stands it’s ground like a Donkey – did you call it Snowy? (K)

Tuesday 13th November

PAINTING BY NUMBERS: Pinks & Blues thin as bone china hang luminous on the horizon. Trees blush, browns turn pink, yellows vibrate & Autumn oscillates for a fleeting moment. You’re too busy to notice, always rushing around, jobs to do… continue reading »

Monday 12th November

YEAH – NICE: Whose voice is this I found in my mouth today? Can I swap it for the other one? (K)

Sunday 11th November

DANCING IN THE LIGHT: A bright sun burns the frost off the cars & you could see for miles if you were here. Long shadows raise shallow furrows in the fields & Autumn clings to dancing sticks. I know it’s… continue reading »

Saturday 10th November

THE STREETS ARE ALIVE!: A day that didn’t stick to the schedule, a day made of randoms &  recognised opportunities – travelling different roads.  It started in the fields of  South Essex, a train, a tube, a phone call on  a… continue reading »

Friday 9th November

STANDING ON THE VERGE OF ABSTRACTION: The morning greets in cool greys & pinks – a temperature so mild that outdoors is the new ‘indoors’. On waking, the first thing you said was, “It makes me want to walk &… continue reading »

Thursday 8th November

A DANCE IN FOOTSE: The sun came dancing over the horizon in pinks, golds & purple-grey’s. The dirt clung to the soles of our shoes in orange clumps making succulent rhythms as we walked. ‘Smalhans’ by Lindstrom was playing on a lap top… continue reading »

Wednesday 7th November

SOUTHERN CROSS: A beautiful day in the fields under skies almost as big as Texas. New friends meet to listen to new things, hit things, eat things. New friends drive from Brixton to Essex, like a memory of a sleepless… continue reading »

Tuesday 6th November

CROSSING THE OCEAN TO VILLA PARK: It was Fish n Chips all round, the night before we went down to the quay to wave Shady’s ship off. The morning was clear as crystal, sharp as a pin & freezing. Men… continue reading »

Monday 5th November

THE GHOST OF YOU: I found you smiling back at me like a benevolent Halloween pumpkinhead. I woke at 4:00am & wrote a long letter to you. It’s how I love you best, you look good too me when I’m… continue reading »

Sunday 4th November

WE MET ON A TRAIN: Rain & long distance driving – what a winning combination for a thrill. Will we get there? Where is ‘there’? Whose driving? Who are we? (K)

Saturday 3rd November

COMMUNITY: Sending goodvibes to friends in New York. People working together for one another. (K)

Friday 2nd November

TODAY: Fuelled on fast coffee & loud Brahms, writing floods of words & rehearsing in a room filled with plastic flowers. (K)

Thursday 1st November

HELLO WEEN: Last night the streets erupted with dunk zombies & devils, Jocks in dresses with death clown faces herding girls with legs up to the limits of imagination down roads strewn with broken glass. Queueing in shirt sleeves, three… continue reading »