Monday 31st December

THANK YOU FOR THE DAZE TO COME: Sun sets on the city, the beacon of St Paul’s illuminates for revelling stumblers to navigate streets abandoned by the sun, like it was the last night on earth. Thank you all for… continue reading »

Sunday 30th December

WHAT’S THAT NOISE?: Got this growing desire to hear new music that’s raw & rough & vibrant. Visceral, unpolished, songs, lyrics from the gut & a beat that takes no prisoners. (K)

Saturday 29th December

STREET THEATRE: Watched an old oak frozen in the stance of it’s last dance like a Shinjuku grotesque from a Daido Moriyama photograph – street dancers staggering between traffic in black & white. Wandered around in the dark at 2:00am searching for… continue reading »

Friday 28th December

BLUE LEAVES IN THE RAIN: The blue oaks of Suffolk shower leaves on us as we hunch over steaming mugs – sweet hot chocolate at the end of a long walk. Mud n dogs, trees festooned with mistletoe, branches dressed… continue reading »

Thursday 27th December

DOWN THE OLE DOG N CAGE: In the silence before the household wakes, me & a dog in a cage respectfully don’t communicate. Sunrise, hidden though it is by thick cloud, casts milky light on us both. I catch it’s… continue reading »

Wednesday 26th December

IS THAT YOUR GRAT HE CHEWED?: Resisting all temptation he stepped back & watched beloved puddings disappear, enjoyed instead the happiness of revellers in paper crowns. The games of charades & cards, the laughter of reunited families from past years… continue reading »

Tuesday 25th December

PEAS ON EARTH: The banquet is set upon the table, all guests are gathered round, expectation on each face with radiant smiles beneath paper hats & joyous laughter the festival of exquisite culinary delights returns to town. The Radio plays… continue reading »

Monday 24th December

THE DAY IT STOPPED RAINING: The tribes of the north gather in the sarf baring gifts & smiles. Explosive conversations, unification questions, rooms flood with information, rhythms bouncing off the walls that few will see. Families re-united with hello hallelujahs… continue reading »

Sunday 23rd December

COUNTRY STYLE: The ceaseless rain falls onto fields, fields turn into sponges, empty into country lanes, roads become rivers, homes become islands, families stranded, a simple trip to the shops becomes impossible, neighbours become life savers, lifelines to essential supplies… continue reading »

Saturday 22nd December

CASTLES MADE OF SAND: This is for the courier who gave me the thumbs up, the gallery who sold another painting, the beautiful person who bought it & got the story behind the title. This is for the voice on… continue reading »

Friday 21st December

DAY TWO OF ANOTHER END OF THE WORLD: A north London taxi exposed it’s self to me discretely, dressed as a bumble bee, concealing it’s identity beneath a blue plastic mac, preserving it’s modesty A warehouse full of artists &… continue reading »

Thursday 20th December

THE END OF THE WORLD AGAIN: When rain sticks to you like suet & friends spend seven hours stationary in traffic jams & the day sucks light out of the ground daring you to smile, you know it’s time to… continue reading »

Wednesday 19th December

FOG FLOATING: The old Bata Shoe Factory slips out of a luminous fog like a rusting & abandoned ship free-floating mid Atlantic, threatening to topple on tiny vessels. The eye can’t see further than fingertips, the wheel is cold between… continue reading »

Tuesday 18th December

WHO STOLE THE STEPS?: A curious curve-ball day of phone call queues & changing plans that conspire to blow a fuse or inspire complaints. This isn’t the day I ordered, but it’s the one grinning up at me from the… continue reading »

Monday 17th December

DAMP, DARK, COLD & STARLESS: Perfect day for a train ride. Last Friday we drove from Barking Creek in Dagenham, to Coalhouse Fortress & the Old radar tower at East Tilbury, had a puncture in the rain on the A13.… continue reading »

Sunday 16th December

YOU GOTT MOVE: A strong desire to pull on the walking boots & hit the road. The light is low & twisting. fields succulent, scattered puddles, the marks of animals. Hawthorn, my favourite scribble & vibrant rose hips dangling between… continue reading »

Saturday 15th December

CHILDREN: Vulnerable, hope, Potential, future. Faith, joy. Trusting. Innocent. (K)

Friday 14th December

DARK & COLD ETEC: Waiting for a cold damp train to a steaming cafe. Walk the streets, film, write, take photographs & hope somebody knows where good coffee’s at. (K)

Thursday 13th December

KEYS IN THE SONG OF LIFE: He owned a beautiful piano that made you calm to play. It sounded best at sundown, just as the light was beginning to fade, if you hit ‘record’ that time of day something great… continue reading »

Wednesday 12th December

OUTSIDER ART: A ride in a dirty train from a sun soaked city where stark shadows dance naked above the heads of impassive shoppers. A ride in a dirty train whose carriages stink of cold violence, strewn with free papers,… continue reading »

Tuesday 11th December

THIS BROKEN BENDY MAN: His texts came in at 1:00am, saying, ‘thank you’ & ‘goodbye’.They found him lying in a field, close to death, more from hypothermia than the overdose he’d taken. The incident number was ‘1’, it wasn’t a… continue reading »

Monday 10th December

LIGHT! LIGHT! LIGHT!: Rivulets of electric lights hang from trees along the roadside celebrating our journeys in the dark cold wet of a Sunday evening. Can’t find a radio station I like tonight, tune instead to the broadcast in my… continue reading »

Sunday 9th December

SCRIBBLESTCIKS & STARS : Walking in a crisp wind, the aroma of Autumn leaf mould, the succulence of mud beneath our boots. Birds describe quick black marks in the sky, exit bushes in fear, startled by our arrival on remote… continue reading »

Saturday 8th December

KNOCK-KNOCK: When fear & loathing come to call, sunrise hits the spot. Sleep steps back & mocks as we bump into furniture in the dark. (K)

Friday 7th December

BLUE & A CHOCOLATE TREE: A late arrival for the diary, locked away with instruments of delight pulling songs to pieces, making music with a friend. (K)

Thursday 6th December

LIGHTWAVES: Ventured out to get painted blue. (K)

Wednesday 5th December

BEFORE VENUS: Silent as a cotton wool stadium, shovelling snow at 6:00am, missing your light. Finding humour in sculptural forms of cartoon proportions, building a place for random thoughts to rest before they congeal into something darker. Swerve that ride… continue reading »

Tuesday 4th December

VENUS: Venus waits for me before the dawn, where pink turns blue. All other stars run & hide, but Venus waits unflinching in her duty dressed in radiant light. Down at the crossroads every morning a dark hand extends to… continue reading »

Monday 3rd December

TWICE A DAY: The Doctor said, “put this in your ear & squirt” I thought, “Looks like something I used to find in alleys” Twice a day eh? (K)

Sunday 2nd December

UP EAST: The East End streets were peaceful, wandering, taking photographs of shadows & discarded things, The exotic food stalls had been concealed in abandoned warehouses so that graffiti artists could line up along walls openly like they were taking… continue reading »

Saturday 1st December

FROSTY THE ‘NO’ MAN: A peach ribbon of stain describes an horizon beneath a watercolour sky of subtle greys, A frost so thick you exclaimed, “Wow! Its snowed!” A pile of guitars from last night’s rehearsing, trying to get my… continue reading »