Saturday 31st March

ASTONISHED, THE CROWD STEP BACK FROM THE LIGHT: An acorn, a receipt for chocolate, a fifty pence piece from 1997 & a loose (slightly nibbled) extra-strong mint listen to Bob Dylan sing ‘Not Dark Yet’ as the morning fog obscure… continue reading »

Friday 30th March

INTO THE LIGHT: In a small room behind the sun they gathered to seek comfort in numbers, attracted by the promise of respite from an oppressive noise. They’d travelled for miles, like homing birds, assured in the knowledge that something… continue reading »

Thursday 29th March

RAINCOATS: Found beauty in the dance of ash & charcoal. Joy in the release of good energy. (K)

Wednesday 28th March

“CORR!”: A slow black shape moved across the sky, caught from the corner of a sleepy eye. Moved so slow I could’ve looked but I didn’t want to get drawn in. Focused on something positive instead, the morning meditation on… continue reading »

Tuesday 27th March

NEW BUG IN TOWN: A day of intermittent coughing, sneezing, aching & (strangely) working. Liked the working bit best. (K)

Monday 26th March

UPON GREETING: Start with love (K)

Sunday 25th March

CHALKY: A chalk smile scribble found where you left it for the world. A gift given freely is it’s own reward. Watching shoppers smile as they cross the threshold of Summer, leaving Winter by the front door like kings &… continue reading »

Saturday 24th March

DANCING WOOD: Today I found a tree dancing naked & wild offering hands up to the sky in reverend celebration. An act of faith in living wood, a prayer given up to a benevolent sky. I watch transfixed as sounds… continue reading »

Friday 23rd March

THE RETURN OF RED LIGHT RETURNS: There’s a flood in the kitchen, but I don’t mind. A crude little painting on the wall called, ‘Johnny Cash in Heaven’ I almost want to buy. Andrew Bird on someone’s stereo in passing.… continue reading »

Thursday 22nd March

SHADOW PLAY: Favourite trees dress themselves in Spring, Fat bees inspect the world, to see how well we tended it in their absence. The clouds are gossamer curtains fluttering in a gentle wind, filtering the morning sun. And that unfamiliar… continue reading »

Wednesday 21st March

BLUESKY THINKING: Found a cafe, a seat in the sun outside Liverpool Street with a boat of coffee & a pastry twist to help me shake off sleep. Then in walked brother Keith & caught me writing. (K)

Tuesday 20th March

DARK PURPLE & EXOTIC PLUMES: Dance with me – let the light into your room (K)

Monday 19th March

HOWEVER: Keep it simple (k)

Sunday 18th March

TODAY: Time – Sunday morning Zone – Essex

Saturday 17th March

DAY OF FAST THINGS: A day of fast things & rain, things too fast for me to grasp that even familiar faces in the street pass by on the outside outside of the bubble. They slide into view & say… continue reading »

Friday 16th March

CALLING OUT YOUR NAME: On a wonderful day like today when sunlight turns to kiss the dirt, you capture me in pictures on your cellphone. This small memento as a token of me crushed amongst the flotsam. Bobbing with demented… continue reading »

Thursday 15th March

HEADS OF THE VALLEY: When we woke up this morning, Essex looked like the Heads of the Valley driving from Ebbw Vale to Merthyr. Small grey wooly sculptures revealed feeding on curb side grass. The sculptures here are the elephantine… continue reading »

Wednesday 14th March

PICKING TEA LEAVES OFF BUILDINGS: Third day in a row riding trains to the Emerald City gathering poetry like picking tea leaves off a Shrilankan hill side. Beautiful barbed wire in full song – images caught in an East London… continue reading »

Tuesday 13th March

ON A WONDERFUL DAY LIKE TODAY: Away from the planet today sisters & bothers, woke with a hang-over like an illuminated tree in a bush of thorns. Strange – I don’t drink… Fear not. (K)

Monday 12th March

MESSAGE FROM A FRIEND: It has been a year since tragic earthquake in north eastern Japan. I have been so pleased and thankful to my friends abroad who have been so helpful and generous. My despair healed by friends. My… continue reading »

Sunday 11th March

TWELVE MONTHS TO A DAY: The radio says 19,000 people are still missing – a siren for a minute’s silence . (K)

Saturday 10th March

FOUND OBJECTS: Rice pudding imitates the Sun. (K)

Friday 9th March

THE ILLUSTRATED WOMAN: She talks so delicate with surgical precision, cuts her hair short, dresses like a man. I thought she was a boy on day-release from lap-top trancing in a twilight bedroom at the back of the world. I… continue reading »

Thursday 8th March

QUEEN BEE: There’s a delicate brown stain around the rim of my cup where lips used to be. A familiar taste of time in hiding. A wooden floor surounds us as far as the eye can see – skirting board… continue reading »

Wednesday 7th March

HOW DOES IT FEEL TO BE ONE’VE THE BEAUTIFUL PEOPLE?: The boy with the glass spike in his ear shouts, “All day breakfast?!” into a crowded room. Nobody notices his numb expression, carrying a plate of unloved things. Back behind… continue reading »

Tuesday 6th March

THE KING WEARS A PAINTED CROWN: At the back of the world it’s always Sunday morning. The boy who clears tables wears a glass spike in his ear. As I watch him, head down, eyes in the distance I wonder… continue reading »

Monday 5th March

THE FEW CHERZ BRIGHT: Were we too busy raging to notice we’d been forsaken back in the 70’s? Waking from 30 year black-outs – cruising Sunday morning streets in the rain between soporific coffee chains in back water towns where… continue reading »

Sunday 4th March

BEHIND THE NOISE OF ARCHITECTURE: The sky fizzes & crackles delicately like an electric current is passing through it. The big roof in the foreground is a fat chord sung by a male voice choir in a serious mood. The… continue reading »

Saturday 3rd March

LAST NIGHT I DREAMED A DOG: The graphic images are going to be transmitting sounds specific to you, so it’s the crack in the wall that interests me. Sounds like hemp rope twisting – like the creaking of wood &… continue reading »

Friday 2nd March

THE SOUND OF A ROCK: I found this fat rock lying in a field emitting a purring sound & beneath that a low breathing, as if asleep. The grass around it made that usual low level random hissing & chattering.… continue reading »

Thursday 1st March

LAST TRAIN TO CLARKSVILLE: Back in the 60’s me & my mate Budgie whose dad ran the garage used to come home from school & plot up in front of the tele with a bag of Ice-gems. Those kids programs… continue reading »