Monday 30th April

I GREW TO LOVE: I found you waiting in the rain, between the hairdressers & the sweet shop that served generations. The holiday makers who used to come from cities lined the streets, licking hand made ices, riding steam trains… continue reading »

Sunday 29th April

UN-‘SUN’ DAY: It’s raining, cold & wet – three bananas relax in a sheltered fruit bowl. Essex howls & blows it’s blossoms off – everything turns uniform green. Catch a train into a city that looks it’s best shimmering, wet… continue reading »

Saturday 28th April

LIEING IN THE ROAD: As we drove round the corner the van in front suddenly stopped & pulled up onto the curb. Lying prone in the road, an old man driving a mobility scooter lay trapped beneath his toppled chariot.… continue reading »

Friday 27th April

GRAPHIC MORNING: Who’s that broken down in the bushes, hazard lights winking, dressed in pink? Who’s that looking like someone special’s coming, a passing stranger, a comforting friend? Who’s that, driving, sleek & silver, wearing an expression of hope &… continue reading »

Thursday 26th April

ALL ABOUT DOGS: In the grip of a hosepipe ban we shelter beneath ragged awnings, soaked to the skin from a short walk up a dirty street. CDJ plays ‘ Wild Dog ‘ by Susanna (K)

Wednesday 25th April

TODAY I MET A MAN: Driving home last night I caught sight of a flailing peach skinned man standing at the side of the road. He was one’ve those characters who isn’t there but crops up when you’re tired, like… continue reading »

Tuesday 24th April

SORTED: We drive up to the roof founding scattered cars alone in random slots. The rain cast a blue light that some call grey. Puddles watched the sky, with one eye for the foot-fall of distracted shoppers. Closed signs s… continue reading »

Monday 23rd April

MORNING MUSIC: A travel card, an empty coffee cup, a small cardboard tube. The sound of a radio in an upstairs room, the humming of a refrigerator, an alarm bleeping in the distance. The sky that was once grey as… continue reading »

Sunday 22nd April

HOW TO DRAW A NOTHING: Crows sing chorus to an empty sky, save for bruises full of rain. They cling to the horizon & pass us by to drop their load on secret locations. Clear blue, the colour of hope,… continue reading »

Saturday 21st April

WATER WORLD: There’s a growing trail of sequins leading from my shower. You only ever see them when you’re under water. It’s been years since we glammed, so how the hell do they get here?! Perhaps the Angels have run… continue reading »

Friday 20th April

OUT BEFORE THE SUN: Dew on the cars, dirt in the wheels, a single tiny bird sits in the top of a tree singing. John Cage conducts the hiss of traffic on a distant road, the wind in my ears,… continue reading »

Thursday 19th April

LATE RUNNER: Not forgotten, but remembered late. The words scatter like sheep on an abandoned hillside, grass smelling sweet, cropped to the bone by meticulous teeth. Wool with numbers beneath circling birds. Look….I remembered you. (K)

Wednesday 18th April

THE SPEED OF LOVE: In a car, in a car park, in the rain, waiting for you to come back covered in mud. Trying to write, the pen hangs over the paper. I see you, feel you close in the… continue reading »

Tuesday 17th April

HOSE PIPE BAN: It’s wet & beautiful. The grass smells like a song, a memory of childhood hiding in the dustbin at the top of the garden. (K)

Monday 16th April

STRIPES?!: Great to see Bruno, Jonny & Benedict pick up awards for best lighting & best actors last night at the Oliviers. Jonny’s speech was touching & displayed why he’s such a cool bloke to work with. The unexpected surprise of Brian… continue reading »

Sunday 15th April

BURIED TREASURE: Found you floating in the sun – calm water in the company of friends. You were waving, all electric smiles, eyes full of light, baring gifts freely given. (K)

Saturday 14th April

ANOTHER FOUND OBJECT: Found a collection of Leadbelly manuscripts in the window of the charity shop, next to the curry house. It was black & brown & torn & printed beautifully like you don’t often see books printed so lovingly… continue reading »

Friday 13th April

THINGS I WOULD’VE LIKED TO HAVE SEEN: I missed the show last night at the Garage in London, engrossed out here in Essex in listening to the music. The stereo sings ‘ The Death Defying Unicorn ‘ by Motorpsycho & Stale Storlokken. I don’t… continue reading »

Thursday 12th April

ANOTHER TIME/ ANOTHER PLACE: Henry Moore as a drain lid, downpipe & pebble, relaxing at the edge of the world. If you’re travelling through the Southern hemisphere here’s some new art we like. (K)

Wednesday 11th April

THE STRAGGLERS: Chuck C, Peanuts & Chocolate on a midnight train. it’s been a long time. (K)

Tuesday 10th April

ON THE ROAD AGAIN: The Zebra lies down in the road. The tourists dance across it’s back. They wait for the traffic to subside to strike a legendary pose. Embarrassed giggles, beaming grins, the faces of the pilgrims tell the… continue reading »

Monday 9th April

PICTURE THIS: The day smelled of dust & old things, faces peered out at us from the past – the magic of photographic memories. You took so many pictures back when we were small, preserved in musty boxes in the… continue reading »

Sunday 8th April

CROW: Who is this fine gentleman strolling hands in pockets through the grass? Who is this unwelcome stranger sauntering like the master of time? Who would dress too sharp for such a time of day, resplendent in a suit so… continue reading »

Saturday 7th April

HAVE WE MET?: The night smelled wet & green as they stepped out’ve the car. Three pairs of feet crunched on gravel. Ignoring the shapes that curled in the air & danced from their limbs, they moved towards the light… continue reading »

Friday 6th April

FIRST CHORD OF THE DAY: Watching Andy Goldsworthy build stone seeds, ice snakes & cocoons of driftwood is a meditation. Weights lift, pressure drops & a dialogue with the rhythm of the earth resumes. A smile, a forgotten gift, a voice heard… continue reading »

Thursday 5th April

JOHN CAGE – ALL THE RAGE: In a Franz Kline state of mind (K)

Wednesday 4th April

THE BOTTLE & THE TRAFFIC CONE: Just another night out like all the others – starting innocent, somehow always waking in another car park. CDJ plays the excellent ‘Golden Rhythm/Ink Music’ – by Volcano the Bear . Suits the temperament tonight – a… continue reading »

Tuesday 3rd April

PETER PLAN: I think I’m turning into an imaginary boy, an animal run on instinct. But even Le Corbusier, in all his dreams, could never have imagined one as beautiful as you. (K)

Monday 2nd April

ANOTHER NEW KING: I found a new King in a painted crown who left his mark on a lamp post in the sun he didn’t put it in the papers so typical of the hound he was. The laptop playing… continue reading »

Sunday 1st April

DAY OF FOOLS: Tread softly in the sunlit frost. (K)