Saturday 30th June

STUDYING: The Sight of Silence: John Cage’s Complete Watercolors. Walking back from the Royal College of Art end of year show I called into the Serpentine Gallery book shop to pick up a copy of RAW VISION magazine & on… continue reading »

Friday 29th June

WHAT TOOK YOU SO LONG: Last night with eyes closing at the wheel struggling to see the road with the radio for company, prayers & incantations, surfing stations, windows wide, wind blown hair erect & a-feared like a dub-gonk. Going… continue reading »

Thursday 28th June

MAN YOU VOICE IS A CLOUD: Woke by the sound of crows pecking your car again, they do it every morning around this time of year. Last night they called it music as the audience listened enraptured & transfixed whilst… continue reading »

Wednesday 27th June

IT CAME COVERED IN ART: “We went to a private view at the Royal Opera House. It was good, it was bad, it was different. I was desperately looking for a reason to have my portrait painted with ships in… continue reading »

Tuesday 26th June

WAS THAT YOU?: Saw my brother stagger from the bench to the bin, carrier bag & can. Birds were singing, music playing from open windows, people waiting for buses, cafe’s setting tables out on pavements – life evolving in the… continue reading »

Monday 25th June

NATURALLY BREATHLESS: The birds danced crazy as platinum fell from the sky, everything turned into wood engravings of it’s self & after hours of holding our breath the nation finally exhaled. (K)

Sunday 24th June

THE POETRY SQUATTERS HAVE OVER STAYED THEIR WELCOME: The words fall in patterns, rhymes constructs of pleasant poetry, daffodils & slithy toves that hurt my head, roll around like wrecking balls, smoothing out the wrinkles. It’s hard to evict these… continue reading »

Saturday 23rd June

MOVING: The boys with George’s crosses painted on their faces celebrated singing with a band that played ‘the great escape’ Last night you crossed the line for the first time i saw it in your eyes from hopeless to believing.… continue reading »

Friday 22nd June

FORGOT YOUR NAME: Tying your hair back in clouds of violent perfume on an underground train. The magic trick you perform daily rocking yet so delicately drawing charcoal rings around your eyes, holding a tiny mirror, surrounded by strangers. In… continue reading »

Thursday 21st June

STORY OF DOG: Dog, where have you been? I been up to here. Why have you taken so long to make this diary entry? I been invaded by people & making new work. Why are you wet Dog? It is… continue reading »

Wednesday 20th june

THINGS THAT GO BUMP IN THE NIGHT: At 4:00am every morning the silence is broken by a low rushing like the sound of an enormous turbine accompanied by a constant whining. Tonight, if it happens again, I’m ready with a… continue reading »

Tuesday 19th June

RELENTLESS: Nature bursts out’ve cracks – it’ll grow anywhere if you let it! (K)

Monday 18th June

LA-DE-DA: She thought you were flinching out’ve some sort’ve affliction. What she didn’t see were the violent shapes she generated every time she spoke. The sound of her voice manifested as real objects, sharp like curving knives that cascaded from… continue reading »

Sunday 17th June

RADIO WAVES radio waves penetrate herds of buffalo clouds ambling across a lazy sky. The Archers omnibus underscored by Skrillex doing desert island discs. It’s sunday, somedays I don’t know which way is up. Slow down, look, the sound clash… continue reading »

Saturday 16th June

A PLACE ON THE MAP: Someone drew an arrow on a stick, it points into an empty field. The soft heads of something green undulate in waves blown by a gentle breeze. Broken glass embedded in the dirt beneath my… continue reading »

Friday 15th June

LAST LOST: There’s a memorial of plastic flowers, a tiny garden of remembrance underneath a road sign . A miniature Madonna bows her head in prayer at the centre of a ring of stones. This is the last chapter of… continue reading »

Thursday 14th June

AWAKE SINCE 4:00AM?; On fire 04:15, the horizon builds a smoke stack , no lightening. Irreplaceable history burning as we watched it’s black tower rising, flapping in the wind like a boney finger. (K)

Wednesday 13th June

VIBRATING & SINGING Do you remember standing in the lobby of a Singapore Hotel? An enormous strip of paper painted wild with rags under glass was vibrating & singing on the wall. (K)

Tuesday 12th June

FOUND IMAGES OF TRANSCENDENCE #1: Crawling to your house, walking to your house, dancing to your house, coming home to you. Yesterday’s found lyrics that fell from the holes of telephones find companion in today’s, like bookends. Beyond the rain,… continue reading »

Monday 11th June

A LATE ENTRY: A day connected by wires & phones, awash with creative juice, interspersed with bizarre violence of such magnitude that it transcended normality, manifesting it’s self as fleshy cartoons. There’s been a lot’ve strange destruction of late, some… continue reading »

Sunday 10th June

DAY-DAY: Bird, bird, bird, laughter , phone rings, laughter, bird, bird, aeroplane, distant traffic, blacktop hiss, bird, bird, bird. (K)

Saturday 9th June

SOUTHERN AUTUMN: The sky turned steel grey, thick as sheet – vertical & sunlight did that trick it does with a light that turns the world to toy town. Efterklang come home from riding the big stage in Sidney, where epiphany… continue reading »

Friday 8th June

IN CORBUSIER’S IMAGINATION: The nectar from the kiosk at the station set the tone for the day. A smile, a croissant in a bus shelter, a curry on the precinct – poetry escaping from the doors of pound shops & shopping malls.… continue reading »

Thursday 7th June

RAY BRADBURY: I heard the news as I was walking past that tiny rural library where we first met – squatting between fantasy & fiction. A fat hardback edition of ‘The October Country’ reached out & pulled me in. I… continue reading »

Wednesday 6th June

FASCINATING RHYTHM: In a room without windows there’s a boy talking fast with windswept hair. His fingers are a blur on the keyboard typing codes. He keeps talking numbers through swift ruby lips – I don’t understand most of what… continue reading »

Tuesday 5th June

DON’T BELIEVE A WORD: “I’m an assassin” says the boy on the train. I don’t believe him – it’s written on his t-shirt. (K)

Monday 4th June

KICKS: He was numb with football, so when he found his old bike at the back of the garage he oiled it & rode off to where no tv’s could reach. (K)

Sunday 3rd June

WHAT’S IN A NAME?: Names & faces & sounds of voices that used to be the signature of this town. Photographs of long forgotten characters that once gave this place a name you’d want to visit. (K)

Saturday 2nd June

I GOT THE POWER: The girl on the check-out smiles & smells of cigarettes. Two tails of purple hair dangle down beside her ears, a tiny delicate flower nestles on side of her head. “Allright darlin’?” she asks as I… continue reading »

Friday 1st June

VOICE LIKE A BELL: Fatboy Slim sounding clear & bright. Breakfast radio driving into the sun. I got a bigfat grin on my face again hearing the sound of his voice. Another one who didn’t deserve the dark side, who… continue reading »