Tuesday 31st July

TINY ACTS OF PUBLIC ART: TINY ACTS OF PUBLIC ART: I found your heart drawn in the dust with speed marksĀ like it was a fast one – are you waiting for theĀ street car? – or just hoping for a friend?… continue reading »

Monday 30th July

THE WORLD OF TINY EVENTS #2: Two bike kiss behind a plastic bouquet in an alley off a crowded shopping street. Breakfasting on the work of Helen Frankenthaler . (K)

Sunday 29th July

THE WORLD OF TINY EVENTS: Seen only by a handful perhaps, this sculpture crafted by outsider lips. Left on a stone self outside Bromley Tube station for those who wait for lifts or addicts drawn to the shade of a… continue reading »

Saturday 28th July

JOURNEYS OF DUST: The dust kicked up by our journeys filters the sun. The colours of the earth dance in the wind, a sound-clash of images. Noises of the mouths of commuters muted to underscore the day. Trains rammed to… continue reading »

Friday 27th July

VIEW FROM A TRAIN: The nation turns it’s lonely eyes to you – woo,woo,woo (K)

Thursday 26th July

HOT NO: Too damn hot – it smells of grease. The city looks it’s best covered in rain – it glistens cool in sheltered corners gathering to make new things generates the desire to rise above our tribulations. The heat… continue reading »

Wednesday 25th July

SHADOW BOY RIDES A BIKE LIKE A MISSILE: Life erupts all around us (K)

Tuesday 24th July

HOT TOO HOT: Too hot too early house sucking heat in plugged into a computer that generates sound but today the sounds don’t turn into violent forms & I don’t know why maybe it has something to do with the… continue reading »

Monday 23rd July

SOUND CRASHING: Every sound is a carrier wave overloaded with information. Respite found at sunrise where even bird song is quieted as we marvel at the sight, soak up the light -pink, yellow, deep, rich colours shower us with harmonies.… continue reading »

Sunday 22nd July

STANDING KNEE DEEP IN WAVES: Another beautiful day in england rising to radio transmissions that dovetail celebration with horror & mourning pictures of joy interlaced with fear, revulsion, numbers, times, temperatures, figures, finance, speed & duration, all calculated in the… continue reading »

Saturday 21st July

PAINTING THE SHAPE OF YOUR NOISE: Listening to the Joe Goddard remix of ‘ Control ‘ travelling home in a trashed bubble the train tips me out at the wrong station but the air is clean so I don’t mind two… continue reading »

Friday 20th July

IN THE GRASS: I missed you most when we were lovers – loved you best when you were gone. (K)

Thursday 19th July

OUT THERE: Listening to Flowers Forever sing Wet Diamonds watching the rain again I love it makes me want to stay in & work not moaning about not getting a tan I turn the lights on to see what I’m doing like… continue reading »

Wednesday 18th July

BASKING IN UNDESERVED REFLECTION: Thank you to all who turned up & gave their support at last night’s private veiw. You being there with us makes us feel truly ‘rich’, reminds us what ‘wealthy’ means. And to the one’s who… continue reading »

Tuesday 17th July

GONE TO ANOTHER WORLD: Back after lunch. (K)

Monday 16th July

THE WOMAN WITH HABITUAL FINGERS: A woman walks in like a rainbow car crash carrying a bolt of vivid pink cloth. She’s so big she struggles to get in through the door of the tube train, hitting people as she… continue reading »

Sunday 15th July

STICK WIPE THE SKY: Waking into sunlight from a night drenched in rain. A long way from the rivers of the mirrored streets & pavements where muted tourists clutched their bags amid night howlers & stagger boys in Mexican hats.… continue reading »

Saturday 14th July

WOKE UP CHEAP: Last night in a dark club I was recognised standing in line having something long black & inky stamped on the back of my hand “he’s not on the list but he can come” smiled a gentler… continue reading »

Friday 13th July

DENIS POTTER: Re-reading ‘ Seeing the Blossom ‘ the transcript of Denis Potter’s last ever tv interview. I remember watching the broadcast when it went out, astonished at how frank he was, no fear or animosity, no waves of anger or reluctance to… continue reading »

Thursday 12th July

I KNEW THIS GIRL: “Have you got Sky?” – “We got broadband television & wireless” “I knew this girl, she got it cheaper, but I don’t know how” “Was she cute or was she hot?” – “Neither, she had the… continue reading »

Wednesday 11th July

DOWN IN WESTHAM: Down in Westham hunting. Bright uniformed cheery faces the early morning company of strangers ease our wait in obedient queues. Another temporary East End location to get your paperwork & plastic, emerging into rain for weeds that… continue reading »

Tuesday 10th July

THE VOICE WITH THE MARKET TRADER PANTS: Rampant slugs, staring up at the sky greet me on the path as I rush face full into the day. A muntjack dazed on the side of the road where deep cover was… continue reading »

Monday 9th July

WORDY NUMB-NUMB: Pain inflicted from a loose mouth. A mind that speaks before thinking. Another one hurt at the start of a simple day. How many harmed this way? The journey of the wheelie bins, a meditation for angry souls… continue reading »

Sunday 8th July

PICK-N-MIX: The day began with the sound of two clocks ticking on opposite sides of the room. Outside the sky was low, the colour of thin blue milk. An Art Car dressed in dust between empty beer barrels in the… continue reading »

Saturday 7th July

WHAT’S THAT SOUND?: The rain & the rain & the rain & the rain – it’s beautiful. Like the woman’s voice as she related her tragedies, lifting us our gathering. A gold cone of fire slipped past on the sodden… continue reading »

Friday 6th July

ADORING THE UNDERSCORING: Listening to “ He Wants To Sleep In A Dream (He Keeps In His Head) ” by Fire! with Oran Ambarchi – an underscore to the stains I found on the platform at Bromley-by-bow. The rain wraps around, cocooning us like a temporary winter, sea-side out of season, alone… continue reading »

Thursday 5th July

HANG-OVER?: Walking at 6:00 am watching rain hang low in the sky – near distance. Smile, pulling bins to the road, the sound of their wheels – one has developed a rhythm. Look down, not up, feathers lay random covered… continue reading »

Wednesday 4th July

IN GIVING YOU RECEIVE: “In giving you receive” said the woman on the radio as I listened between making notes for the day & mouthfuls of porridge. It had been a long & arduous night, woken by storms & bad… continue reading »

Tuesday 3rd July

‘X’ MARKS THE SPOT: Was it the proximity of a full moon that fuelled such ferocious emotion? Something had been odd all day, like the train was only half on the rails, things were running to random time tables, toast… continue reading »

Monday 2nd July

WHAT’S ON YOUR MANTLEPIECE?: List objects from left to right, making note of things they may contain – what object is in the middle? Take a photograph of your mantlepiece & draw a simple plan of the room. The luminous… continue reading »

Sunday 1st July

THE SMELL OF SOUND: A day cocooned in city heat, broken only by the dust blown in our faces as we trudge through tunnels beneath the feet that smooth the face of the sour streets. The vital rhythm of a… continue reading »