Friday 31st August

FAST & FEARLESS: As I turn away the Chameleon Woman walks down the street towards me, pet spider on a leash. She’s so fast, so funny, so selfless & fearless – making everybody smile. (K)

Thursday 30th August

FRIENDS RE-UNITED: I was feeling closer to the drunks in the park than the rest of the world. That’s not a dark thing like you might think. They knew better about those ‘thinking things’ than anyone else on the street,… continue reading »

Wednesday 29th August

WASHING MACHINE: You don’t want to know what I was thinking, no need to get into another emotional washing machine. (K)

Tuesday 28th August

HOUSE OF CARDS: They were in danger of collapsing, cascading like the bricks of a house of cards – words began sputtering out the sides of my mouth – trying not to look. (K)

Monday 27th August

DON’T LOOK: I tried not to look – everything was going so well. All my thoughts were lined up facing the sun. (K)

Sunday 26th August

ORANGE: In walked the woman in the orange dress. (K)

Saturday 25th August

EMOTION: In a double-negative darkroom there lived a cancelled emotion in red & black & gold. (K)

Friday 24th August

YOU: I’m thinking of you now as clouds block the sun. (K)

Thursday 23rd August

SOUNDTRACK: And the sound of your voice is the soundtrack to a film I replay when the world gets too fast. (K)

Wednesday 22nd August

SUNLIGHT: I have a photograph of you in sunlight (K)

Tuesday 21st August

PERFECT: In our world everything is perfect – no problems with you. (K)

Monday 20th August

LOST: You make me feel good. We get lost together. (K)

Sunday 19th August

LAUGH: Imagine that I call you – say things that make you laugh. (K)

Saturday 18th August

RUSH: Rushing around I think of you, like an antidote to the speed of life (K)

Friday 17th August

IN A CAFE: The man with the mirrored velvet coat walks in, smiling like the sun. (K)

Thursday 16th August

LIFE GO SON: Reading Picasso & Co by Brassai – great picture of his studio & descriptions of life as a practising artist in occupied Paris. (K)

Wednesday 15th August

FOCUS: Though the news in print & on the radio has reverted to it’s old focus on what’s going wrong in the world. Small pockets of positivity evolve in local shops & cafes. People are smiling at one another, helping… continue reading »

Tuesday 14th August

WHEN THE CIRCUS LEFT TOWN: When the circus left town the summer went with it. Even the trains stopped working & it started to rain. Two boys riding escalators up from the tube slagged it off, dissecting it with bitter cider breathes. I… continue reading »

Monday 13th August

LIGHT: It was beautiful but only a flame, a glorious physical device to light the path ahead. Now let’s keep it alive between us. (K)

Sunday 12th August

PASS THE BATTON: The joy continues on the radio in the morning, bad news is still abundant but surrounded by hope & celebration for what’s good about humanity. Broadcasters begin every day with an infectious enthusiasm for life, talking up beat, generating waves… continue reading »

Saturday 11th August

THE FIRST CYNIC: It was a trip down memory lane, a return to an old world of broken grey. The tubes weren’t working so I caught a taxi from the station & from the off had an inclination that something was out’ve… continue reading »

Friday 10th August

JUST DESERVES: He sat in the car alone in the dark with the radio on listening to them call another ‘genius’. He smiled & turned the engine over, headlights revealing tabbies hiding beneath parked cars. The dashboard glowed in soporific… continue reading »

Thursday 9th August

LIGHT UP: The smiles on the trains pervade that regular grey-ness of mood. If this continues, commuting could be fun. Strange costumes proliferate – union jack dresses & waste coats –  a cavalcade of red, white & blue. Late night station platforms watched… continue reading »

Wednesday 8th August

BEAUTIFUL DAY: On the way to the station a boy in long-coat, long hair like Bryan May stands in the doorway to his flat & gives me the salute. “New Party” “What?” “New Party” He looks trouble so I feign… continue reading »

Tuesday 7th August

TRAVELING LIGHT: Smiling, excited, expectant expressions supplant the distant eyes & tired faces that usually travel on the trains into town. Even the daily commuters seem to have electrified their usual dower demeanour. The iPod & the pen & book,… continue reading »

Monday 6th August

THE DANCE OF THE WOODEN BOYS: They were beautiful when I came to throw them in the bin. We struck a deal for them to be photographed before I did. I’m glad, they were right, they were on to something… continue reading »

Sunday 5th August

BEETROOT SOUP: On the back of a lorry Leafcutter John cut sound into crumpled paper for the curious who gathered to be filmed by official cameras zoomed in on the faces of the famous in the audience. Up on the roof radio… continue reading »

Saturday 4th August

21ST CENTURY ICONS #1: Sat beneath Elizabeth Frink’s horse-n-jockey drinking coffee in the sun we topped up tans in the name of art & chicken wraps. The bus-boy cleared tables with heavily tattooed arms intoning in a low moan this… continue reading »

Friday 3rd August

BETWEEN THE STEELY TWINS: Stuck on the night train nothing moving someone went under the wheels further up the line, somebody not going to see the sunrise. On the pavement back in town a tattooed boy sits cross legged holding… continue reading »

Thursday 2nd August

SCULPTURES ON TRAINS: It was raining, we were shopping, the streets were full of people loaded – fresh bags. Outside the church stands a small shelter like a cage the door unlocked during the day, a safe place for the… continue reading »

Wednesday 1st August

BIRO SHEDS IT’S SKIN FOR A FILTER TIP: We pulled into the gated yard of an East End warehouse conversion, our driver slipping his little town car between an ivory Morgan & a decommissioned staff car. Giant bronze forearms towered… continue reading »