Tuesday 11th December

THIS BROKEN BENDY MAN: His texts came in at 1:00am, saying, ‘thank you’ & ‘goodbye’.They found him lying in a field, close to death, more from hypothermia than the overdose he’d taken. The incident number was ‘1’, it wasn’t a… continue reading »

Monday 10th December

LIGHT! LIGHT! LIGHT!: Rivulets of electric lights hang from trees along the roadside celebrating our journeys in the dark cold wet of a Sunday evening. Can’t find a radio station I like tonight, tune instead to the broadcast in my… continue reading »

Sunday 9th December

SCRIBBLESTCIKS & STARS : Walking in a crisp wind, the aroma of Autumn leaf mould, the succulence of mud beneath our boots. Birds describe quick black marks in the sky, exit bushes in fear, startled by our arrival on remote… continue reading »

Saturday 8th December

KNOCK-KNOCK: When fear & loathing come to call, sunrise hits the spot. Sleep steps back & mocks as we bump into furniture in the dark. (K)

Friday 7th December

BLUE & A CHOCOLATE TREE: A late arrival for the diary, locked away with instruments of delight pulling songs to pieces, making music with a friend. (K)

Thursday 6th December

LIGHTWAVES: Ventured out to get painted blue. (K)

Wednesday 5th December

BEFORE VENUS: Silent as a cotton wool stadium, shovelling snow at 6:00am, missing your light. Finding humour in sculptural forms of cartoon proportions, building a place for random thoughts to rest before they congeal into something darker. Swerve that ride… continue reading »

Tuesday 4th December

VENUS: Venus waits for me before the dawn, where pink turns blue. All other stars run & hide, but Venus waits unflinching in her duty dressed in radiant light. Down at the crossroads every morning a dark hand extends to… continue reading »

Monday 3rd December

TWICE A DAY: The Doctor said, “put this in your ear & squirt” I thought, “Looks like something I used to find in alleys” Twice a day eh? (K)

Sunday 2nd December

UP EAST: The East End streets were peaceful, wandering, taking photographs of shadows & discarded things, The exotic food stalls had been concealed in abandoned warehouses so that graffiti artists could line up along walls openly like they were taking… continue reading »